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There are a plethora of definitions on what leadership is. This is mainly because the success of a people is due to it. It is the process of social influence in which an individual can garner support of others for the sole purpose of accomplishing a particular task. Zen, which is a way of thinking clearly can be incorporated into it especially in the business world.

Human beings evolved into more complex creatures from their earlier ancestors and were able to communicate and live in groups. Such localized settings could have developed into chaos without clear cut responsibility roles. Perhaps the entire human population could have disintegrated into extinction owing to this anarchy. People recognized the need of having a centralized authority figure that led the majority to achieve certain objectives.

There are various kinds. Models and several theories on it have also been developed. A leader is the person who has garnered support of others through various means. It can be acquired through a number of ways.

The most traditional way is through inheritance. Various empires in historic times were led by kings, queens, emperors and lords. These leaders got their powers by inheritance. These roles were destined for the noble families in societies. Such systems still survive in modern times.

Some leaders get their power by use of force. This is the case for military coups. They use established armies to overthrow existing governments. This kind is usually characterized by authoritarian means of getting things done. The leader is usually highly placed and his or her words are followed without question.

The one that is prevalent in modern times is the one acquired through competitive means with others in a transparent, free and fair manner. People are given a chance to choose their preferred choice of leaders from a pool of equally qualified candidates. This gave birth to democracy. Leaders chosen are expected to carry the wishes and hopes of their people in their undertakings.

Leaders have different avenues to express their leadership. It should be noted that leadership can be provided by any person so long as people are willing and able to follow the individual. The corporate world is one such area. Company executive directors, chair persons, managers and supervisors are well placed to lead stakeholders related to the individual firms and other market participants. They help companies achieve certain objectives.

A healthy corporate culture can only exist with proper leadership. Zen is an art of thinking clearly and coming up with positive solutions to problems. With its application, businesses will employ the highest ethical standards in the market. Competition will be carried out in a healthy manner and cases of utter greed among business people will decline.

There are certain traits that leaders should have in order to achieve the most out of their course. Confidence is one such attribute. Good leaders are associated with confidence. They ought to face various challenges without fear. They should also possess good communication skills. There are institutions that offer courses on what leadership is and act as training grounds for various leaders.

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