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Creating a logo for your business is not something you should enter into lightly. A logo services a very important role in the success of your business and will help to shape your brand and business identity. When it comes to logo design it is worthwhile considering all your options to ensure you get value for money as well as professional looking logo that will help promote your business, products and services.

Designing your logo is not something you should take on yourself unless you have extensive knowledge of business branding and graphic design that is. There are typically two options for creating your logo, the first is to employ the services of a professional logo design firm and the second is to start a logo design competition. However, even though these both sound like great options, you need to take sometime to consider which one is right for you and your business.

1. Professional Logo Design Firm:

A professional design firm will provide you with a full package which includes not just your finished logo but also useful insights into how your target market thinks, their buying behaviour and your competition. They will work with you to create designs which fulfil your business objectives, taking your ideas on board and putting forward their own suggestions based on their experience of your industry.

What a professional design company can do is give equal importance to things like the use of graphics, fonts, color and placement to ensure your finished logo design is unique, memorable and identifiable. Once your logo is finished they will be able to provide it in a scaleable format which means it can be used on various forms of media from giant billboards to small promotional items. For the initial brief you provide to them, they will come up with a design that can be used across every aspect of your business and more importantly on everything your customers will come into contact with.

2. Logo Design Competition:

The internet provides a great opportunity for you to start a logo design competition which will invite designers from around the world to submit designs for your consideration. The great thing about running a competition is that you do not need to pay everyone, just the person who ultimately provides the winning design. This is a good solution for small enterprises who do not have a big budget to throw at a professional firm.

Freelance websites offer the opportunity to post your design brief and invite designers to produce logo designs for you. You do not have to accept any of them or accept a design as being the final choice, unless you feel it is perfect. Running a competition like this is a good way of finding a designer who is on your wavelength and who can produce a logo within budget.

Georgina C Clatworthy is a freelance writer writing extensively about business branding and logo design.

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