Your Icon Brand Identity (Part 1)

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Over the next week I will discuss icon Brand image projection in four parts starting with Your icon brand identity. I chose this topic because I believe that you cannot authentically project what you do not posses. Even if you do not physically have £10,000,000 you must strongly believe in your mind that you are worth it and can achieve it in order to project it.

No brand can become iconic without having a unique identity. Your brand’s identity should be as unique as your fingerprint. describes your fingerprint as an impression made with ink for purposes of identification OR any unique or distinctive pattern that presents unambiguous evidence of a specific person, substance etc.

I would paraphrase this into the meaning of an iconic brand as a uniquely distinctive pattern and impression that presents undisputed evidence of a specific person or company.

Not knowing what makes a brand distinctive can be a huge stumbling block for people and business owners. Many resort to “copycat mode” as a result of not taking the time to find or develop that thing that sets them apart from their competitors. It is always good to look for INSPIRATION but it should not become IMITATION. Spend a little time with yourself to ask and answer some honest questions about where your brand is and how it is being perceived.

Do you or your brand have a unique pattern? Your pattern when made should be hard for others to follow and as intricate as your fingerprint. Paint your own picture to get to your destination with your own map.

Once you realise your true brand identity you will gain clarity. This clarity will help to steer you in future exploits and will become your foundation block when making decisions pertaining to joint ventures or associations made with your brand’s identity. Your decisions should always be congruent with your brand’s definition. What is your brand? What does it stand for? What is it’s reputation? When you formulate these answers your next step is to find your unique spice which is your distinction. Your distinction may be in your company structure, values, the way you answer the phone, your customer service, your customer retention, your attention to detail or the way you look.

Whatever you decide make sure your Brand identity is a true reflection of you as nothing fake lasts forever. All iconic brands first learned to master this craft of uniqueness to be set apart and world leaders. Our next post focuses on icon brand imagery.

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