Your Business Website Is Your Home Base

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You know your online presence is essential for business today but are you spending your time and money in a haphazard approach or do you have a well thought out plan?

As a social media trainer and consultant, I spend a lot of time working with businesses on their social media presence. Depending on the company, this can mean hands on training, setting up a system for creating content or, even handling your social media marketing entirely.

As a result, I think a lot about effective uses of social media.

Yet, as a web writer, I often work with clients who have core needs that aren’t met.

After all, your business website is your home base.

Social media is a fantastic set of tools you can use to engage with your audience/fans/tribe/community – whatever term makes you happy. Its power for building relationships is unlike anything seen before in our lives.

Done well, it can bring you business day and night and by well, I mean, it’s part of an integrated marketing plan with plenty of juicy content.

Yet, Your Website is Still Your Online Home Base

There are 2 components that will make your website a strong home base for your business.

1) Your business website should be well-optimized for search so you are found by your visitors. Organic search can bring you 1000’s of potential customers.

2) Your site should help your visitors find solutions to their problems. That’s and how you make money.

I often work with clients who want me to help them get their business on Facebook. In the course of our conversation, it comes out they also want to know how to get their website to make more money.

When I look at their site, I might find 6-8 webpages with generalized key words in the meta tags, no title tag, limited description and words overly focused on what the company does but not much on how they can help the customer.

By attending to the basics-using good keyword analysis and on page search engine optimization (SEO), you’re laying a strong foundation for your business.

Why a Bicycle Wheel Can Enhance Your Business

A bicycle wheel has a center hub radiating spokes, right? Think of the hub as your website. The spokes are your other marketing efforts-in person networking, sales calls, social media.

Those spokes are invitations to visit your website. When they get there, you want them to do something, call you, join your email list or download a special report that showcases how your business can provide a solution to their problem.

Think of social media as a networking event where you meet people.

Your goal isn’t to get someone to buy from you right there on the spot. You exchange cards, maybe meet for lunch or a coffee and later you make the sale. You’re getting to know one another.

Social media helps you get to know people and for them to know you. It’s social to many rather than an individual lunch or coffee.

Your website should be the hub of your online activities. Why? Because a well-written and well organized website can boost conversions (outright sales, people picking up the phone to call you, etc.) far more than social media alone.

To optimize your business website and ultimately, make more sales-sign up for your free guide “How to Guide for Business Websites that “Work”.

Jen P. April boosts traffic and sales to your business website. She does this through persuasive, converting SEO copy. Learn more at

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