Young People Making Money With Custom Emblems – Part One of a Two Part Series

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So I turn on the television and I see a woman and 2 young girls speaking to the ladies of the hit television show, The View. Disappointed that there were no celebrities filling the guest seats, I pressed the IO button and began to search for something more entertaining. As I searched through the list of TV do’s and don’ts, the little show at the top right hand corner of the screen began to call to me. As an entrepreneur of sorts, my interest in The View peaked as I heard those very young girls begin to talk about their product line; yes, I said product line.

Maddie and Margot Bradshaw took the textile-manufacturing world by storm, with their totally innovative idea, Snap Caps. These girls, with entrepreneurial spirit, invented the idea of making bottle caps an accessory, at the young ages of 10 and 6 years old. Originally these snap caps were sold as custom labels for lockers. Desiring them over conventional magnets, every child desiring to custom patch their lockers with a bit of eccentricity, flocked to the store for some snap caps.

Maddie, her sister, and mother began to notice the growing need for more snap caps so they built an empire; creating Snap Cap necklaces as clothing emblems. Now snap caps are as recognizable as the most infamous clothing labels out there. The girls have taken the entrepreneurial world by storm and have shown no sign of slowing down, as the teen crazed marketing niche has embraced their M3 Girl Designs Company, with an increasing fan base.

M3 Girl Designs is now a limited liability company and is quickly climbing its way to the top of the textile manufacturing leader board. With sales in the millions of dollars category, the Bradshaws have literally taken over. Many have said that the Snap Caps inventors are now stopping anyone who tries to replicate what they have contributed to the world of customized emblems, labels, patches and jewelry. Hiring lawyers to subpoena anyone appearing to start up their own bottle cap company, the Bradshaws have taken their clothing label to a whole new level.

Striving towards that great Tower of Babel, the world continues to invent ways of building their own empire. The Bradshaws attempt at monopolizing the bottle cap jewelry industry is just another demonstration of the need to, not only be the first to do anything, but also be known as the only one capable of doing that special talent that makes us great. Today there are many young up and coming entrepreneurs who, like the Bradshaws, specialize in custom labels, custom patches, clothing emblems, and clothing labels.

Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart have contributed their talents to the congested clothing labels industry by creating Threadless, a website designed to encourage creativity in t-shirt design. Members of the website get to, not only purchase t-shirts off of the website, but they also submit their own designs for t-shirts to be considered in the product line. Now in their late 20’s, these young entrepreneurs have made millions in sales by taking the idea of customized clothing emblems, clothing labels, custom patches, and custom labels to a sophisticated level of customer participation.

Entrepreneurs David Levich, Dan Gershon, and Eric Liberman are enjoying their millions of dollars in revenue each year, due to the popularity of their retail website. Levich took the textile manufacturing industry by storm by “icing out” his clothing and accessories. The “Hip Hop” look quickly gained a following as their iced out emblem was recognized. Custom labels, custom clothes, custom patches, and clothing labels are what these young men are known for. Their simple creations have become a very generous income for themselves, as well as the textile manufacturing industry.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Young People Making Money With Custom Emblems.

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