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When used effectively, your choice of colors for your print brochures can keep your collateral consistent; enough to get your target audience to stay more and be connected with your message and identity. Not only do your colors give you the elegance and value when printing brochures, your selection can definitely build your relationship with your readers that they would want to see more of what you have to offer.

There are ways to emphasize the importance of color when printing brochures. Whether online or out, there are a lot of suggestions and how to’s that you can have to further ensure that your choice of palette is the best one for your brand. However, there is a real difference in how you select your palette as opposed to how you use your choice to achieve your objective in your print brochures. To further help you create actions out of your theories, here are suggestions for your brochure printing:

Toned down colors

Make sure that you choose not too bright and flashy shades that it takes the limelight out of your products in your print brochures. Always remember that your colors are elements that support your stuff. Your color should not overshadow. Rather, it should be able to emphasize and enhance your message. Toned down colors then can give more attention to your products and services.

Easy to the eyes

To test whether you have the right color, be sure to look at it while reading your entire copy. If you are able to keep your eyes on your collateral until you finish reading your content, then your colors are effective elements to have when printing brochures. The key is to select a not-so-bright palette that does not get in the way of your message.

Stylish yet professional

Your colors do add style in an otherwise bland design. However, you should also think of how it can also reflect a professional look. Too much and too many rather makes your collateral look too cheesy. A gaudy design is not appropriate to a corporate and professional appearance. Always remember that colors can become garish and obtrusive when done in vibrant and brilliant hues. But simple and subdued shades can go a long way in tempering your overall look that exudes confidence and efficiency.

Other suggestions:

Lighting can affect your colors significantly. One color would definitely have different shades when viewed in different conditions – outdoors, indoors, bright sunlight, under a cloud, on a rainy day, at sunset. Another example is that a palette would change if light is reflected off the water, or if it is viewed from the sea than from a harbor. Hence, your choice of color should consider different conditions and judgment.

Consider also that you will have a difficult time in looking for a match for certain colors, especially if you are looking at shades that are not easy to describe. If ever you do find a match, it may not be the exact color and may be an alternative from another brand.

The point: YOU have to choose and like the color you are going to use. It does not matter that it is not right for others, as long as it looks realistic and it emphasizes your vision. It is all about personal choice – your choice. So go ahead and choose the color you want for your print brochures.

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