Yoga Marketing Tip: The Power of Testimonials

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It’s been said time and time again, testimonials are hands-down the most effective way to improve your yoga marketing copy. When it comes to marketing yourself as a yoga teacher, the primary objective should be to establish credibility as a yoga teacher. Not just any yoga teacher, but a provider of the best quality yoga lessons that can be found. This can be achieved in many ways, for example, by listing your credentials or your experience with yoga. But significantly impactful advertising doesn’t come from your mouth. It comes from your satisfied students that are willing to stand-up and give a testimonial based on their experience in your yoga lessons. When a prospective client reads a testimonial, it gives them instant comfort. It synchronizes your message with credibility and the reader is able to see the satisfaction others have gotten from working with you. Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing and a written testimonial can serve as a powerful recommendation of your services, from one yogi to another.

How to Use Testimonials

Quite simply, put them in your marketing copy, often. There really isn’t a limit to how much you should garnish your website, flyers, or other marketing copy with testimonials. However, avoid cluttering the reader from being funneled to the critical goal of your website: the contact page. Highlight testimonials that are success stories. For example, if someone was able to overcome an injury, or reduce stress, or improve their fitness. Testimonials hold even more weight if they are verifiable as real. If possible, add the person’s name to the testimonial. For added bonus, post a photo of the student. If you have a large amount of testimonials, I suggest placing most of them on a “Testimonial” page that is accessible from your main navigator bar. Leave a few to be sprinkled into your marketing copy on the ‘Welcome’ and ‘Private Yoga Lessons’ information page.

Always be Truthful

Never ever, ever make up testimonials. Getting found out for having a fake testimonial on your website is a surefire way to tank your credibility. Practice the yama of satya (truth). Testimonials are easy to get, even as a new teacher. Just follow the guide in the next section and you’ll have tons.

Getting Testimonials

Here’s a quick guide to gathering testimonials as a yoga teacher.

1. Offer a free class to your friends and family. Invite everyone. Facebook it! If you don’t have the space, offer to have it at a park.

2. At the end of the class, hand out a feedback form. Include any questions you like, but be sure to have at least one open ended question that requires text to answer. “What did you enjoy most about the yoga practice?”

Be sure to include a checkbox asking for permission to use their testimonial in your marketing copy.

– Download a Sample Feedback Form for collecting testimonials.

– Build a Free Yoga Website

Matt C. Elmore is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Internet Marketer, and Electrical Engineer. His passions include health, love, the pursuit of happiness, yoga, dance, and travel.

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