Yard Sign Materials Spotlight: Corrugated Plastic

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Yard sign material options vary considerably. One of the most popular, possibly even the industry standard, however, is corrugated plastic. This lightweight, highly-versatile material can be used for almost any type of sign, from business advertising to political campaigns to personal events (birthday parties, baby showers, etc.). This article explains everything you need to know about corrugated yard signs to help you decide if this is the right material for you.


Corrugated plastic, sometimes called “coroplast,” is a lightweight, twin-wall material. The two sides of plastic are joined in the middle by fluted slats, similar to the look of corrugated cardboard. The material is much more durable than cardboard, however. It is fully-weather resistant and designed for outdoor use. In addition, corrugated plastic can be recycled, which means it is environmentally-friendly. The most-common uses for this material are for bandit signs, political signs, real estate signs, and personal lawn signs.


The cost of your corrugated plastic sign is primarily dependent on your size and quantity. Regardless of these two factors, however, coroplast signs are going to be on the lower-priced end of the yard sign scale. Most companies offer high-quantity, bulk discounts for ordering a lot of yard signs, which is great for political candidates and real estate agents who need a large amount of signs. In addition, another great way to save money on corrugated plastic yard signs is to limit your use of color. Companies which use screen printing often offer a 1-color, 2-color, or 3-color discount, meaning that the less color you use, the less-expensive your signs.


The first option you need to choose, if your sign company offers it, is what color corrugated plastic you want. The most-common colors are white and yellow, though some sign printers offer others. White and yellow are generally best, however, because they’re light enough that you can see your printed information.

Another option to consider is whether you want the sign to be one-sided or two-sided. Two-sided signs are a great choice when your sign will be placed at the street, seen from both directions. Keep in mind, however, that this will make your lawn sign more-expensive.

Finally, decide what shape you would like your yard sign to be. Not every company offers this option, but some allow you to select from a variety of standard shapes (houses, arrows, states, etc.). This makes your signs look more-custom and unique, but again, at a price.

Life Expectancy

Coroplast signs are indeed made to withstand the elements, but they will not last as long as, say, an aluminum or metal sign. The overall life expectancy depends on how the sign is used, but on average a corrugated plastic sign will last for about a year before needing replacement. If your signs are not outside this entire time, they will last much longer. The good thing about coroplast, however, is that it’s affordable enough that ordering replacements won’t break the bank.


This material offers a variety of framing and mounting options. The most-commonly used accessory is wire stakes. These are a thin wire H-frame that slides down into the flutes of the corrugated sign and then is inserted into the ground. This is a great application for a temporary sign that’s easy to remove and reposition. It should not be used for a permanent application.

If you’re looking for something more-sturdy, consider ordering a real estate sign frame (your corrugated sign will fit inside it and be framed all the way around with heavy-duty angle iron). Another great option is to mount the sign to a fence (add grommets in the corners and then zip-tie to the fence) or on a wall (with screws or nails).

Robert Kinder works as a Production Manager for a local sign company in Dallas, Texas. He has worked in the sign printing industry for over 15 years providing printing and installation for local small businesses and large corporate customers. Robert enjoys passing along his trade secrets and knowledge to help others better understand their signage and their needs. His extensive knowledge about the sign industry and hands-on experience make him an expert on everything signs.

As a veteran sign expert, Robert has extensive knowledge in retail signs and yard signs. In his articles he covers tips for sign design, techniques for proper sign installation, common signage questions, and the different material choices for yard sign advertising like political yard signs, real estate yard signs and metal yard signs.

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