Writing Copy for the Web – The Golden Rule Everyone Ignores

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Writing copy for the web is a skill shrouded in mystery. But hold on a minute… ignore the hype and B.S. being shouted out loudly by those who have some ‘kit’, CD programme or seminar to sell us, and actually think about this.

Why should…

Writing copy for the web

Be any different from writing copy anywhere else?

And the answer is… it’s not.

And here’s WHY it’s not:

  • First, you’re dealing with a person. The same emotional triggers that affect him or her offline also affect him or her online.
  • Secondly, we’re all human beings and we’ve been human beings for a long time. And the Internet is nothing more than a communication MEDIUM not a whole new way of communicating.
  • And thirdly, if you actually look at the best online marketing, you’ll see it’s virtually no different to the best offline marketing.

The long and the short of it is any differences in writing copy for the web are differences in style, not substance.

So why the deception?

Well, three reasons, I suspect.

  • First, all good marketers know there’s money in niches. So if I can tell you there’s a special way of writing copy for the web, I can charge you more for information on that topic than I can for information about copywriting in general.
  • Secondly, a lot of so-called ‘gurus’ don’t have a clue and are just repeating what they’ve heard elsewhere. Me, I’ve written online and offline extensively, and I write the same way everywhere.
  • And thirdly, pretending to have some special secret makes for a great story. It makes it easy to sell you that over-priced niche stuff, right?

Truth is, copywriting is often overrated. The most important thing is the list of people you’re writing to and the relationship you have with them. Get that right – and you do that by writing to them in normal conversational English, just like I’m writing to you now, and you don’t NEED to be a funky copywriter with all the tricks up your sleeve. It’s a fact a sales letter converting at 1% to cold traffic can convert to almost 12% (and probably more) to a list that’s been warmed up with regular communication – either by email or by direct mail.

Look, there’s always someone willing to sell you the latest brand shiny thing to solve all your problems. But really it’s all very simple. And if you are tired of all the hype and B.S. then…

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