Why Your Catering Business Won’t Survive Without a Dishwasher

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Let’s paint a hypothetical picture; you start up your restaurant business, spend hundreds of thousands kitting out a brand-new kitchen, filling it with knives, pots and pans, ordering in all your stock and hiring a gang of surly-looking individuals to take all of the components, cook your customers a nice meal and start making you some money. Easy, right?

Wrong. You’re going to need to invest in a commercial dishwasher. Sure, it seems simple enough to have your plongeur swirl an increasingly dirty rag over those plates you’ve just spent so much cash on, but what happens when the plates are dried, piled high with food and sent back out to the diners? The spotted, slightly greasy, plates will soon be weaving their way back to the kitchen, followed by indignant customers and the distinct lack of money. People see others complaining, people start to wonder, people stop coming, and eventually your business folds. Pop. The bubble bursts.

Anyway, you probably don’t like being patronised, you poor little thing, so out goes the hypothetical situation, but the salient point remains; to have any sort of success in any sort of catering business, you’re going to need a commercial dishwasher. Not only will you have a hugely efficient system – much faster than the plongeur and his dirty rag – but the all-over clean in a totally sanitary machine will rid your fine china of any dubious looking dirt on the plates, as well as ensuring that the grime and bacteria have been totally eradicated.

Furthermore, while they have a reputation for being an energy drain, commercial dishwashers have indeed improved; take the Kromo Hood 130 EL Plus pass-through dishwasher. Running at maximum performance, it will blast sixty loads of dishes clean in an hour, and energy surveys have concluded that this will cost you around 10 pence per wash. So while six pounds an hour is still not exactly an inconsiderable sum, it will hardly see profits swirling down the plughole. Ultimately, as long the dishwasher is completely full for each clean, you’ll be sure that you’re using it as efficiently as possible.

Of course, mentioning the Kromo is not really enough, as the type of commercial dishwasher best suited to your business really depends on the size of your operation. For example, should you be running a kitchen catering for a restaurant the size of a small country, you’ll need a behemoth of a machine, such as CMA B2 Twin Basket. This piece of technology is designed for continuous washing, cleaning 74 baskets an hour, so with its two baskets, you’ll be able to get through 37 washes every sixty minutes. Of course, it will use up more energy and cost more to run, but let’s face it; if your business needs to wash 74 full baskets of kitchenware an hour, you’re probably turning a rather hefty profit.

So there you have it; it may be an extra cost, and it may require a sizable cash commitment to keep it washing, but with health and safety regulations, the need to keep a kitchen running smoothly and that constant battle to make your business a success, the commercial dishwasher is as much a necessity for any catering business as the chefs and the condiments.

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