Why Your Business Website Doesn’t Bring You Customers

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The simple fact is that the majority of websites do not bring additional revenue for businesses. That is not to say that they are useless. A professional website will at least reinforce the impression that a business is reputable and there to stay. To that end a business website is pretty much essential.

However, this is not the same as having a website that actually makes money for a business and in fact there are very good arguments for saying that most businesses should actually have 2 websites; one that is their “business card” on the internet and the other that is there to generate income.

This income generating website should be very different, starting with the actual domain name. Why have a domain called DaveRobertsLtd.com? Wouldn’t BestValueRemovals.com be more likely to attract customers who are searching the internet for a reputable removal company?

Once you have a good domain name think about the look for the site. People looking to buy from or do business with you want to see what you do quickly and be able to get in touch from the first page they see. Why make them hunt about for a contact us page somewhere in the menu. Your site should have a clear logo at the top with a brief headline of what you do. There should be a clear contact form in the top part of the page with the telephone number unmissable. Below this a little content about what you do and why that potential customer should be getting in touch with you today. You can also incorporate a short video. It is often a great idea to add a discount offer with a limited time on it. Your site is there to get people to call or at least email you today.

Ok, so you have a relevant domain name and a great looking site that calls out to visitors to get in touch with you. What next? You need people to see this site. You need traffic. There are books and books on traffic generation but the small business can start by submitting the site to Google and other search engines. Write an article or two about your business and post it to sites like this. You can also post on relevant forums and give people advice. Don’t over sell on these; just try and be helpful. A blog on the site is a good idea too. You don’t need to write a lot, just a weekly post with interesting items you have seen in the news relevant to your services or products. Also, build your website in WordPress as search engines tend to rank highly websites built with this.

So there you have it. If you want a site that actually generates customers get the right domain name, make the site have clear calls to action and do some basic traffic generating work do get people seeing the site. Try it. You will be amazed at how effective these sites done right can be.

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