Why Your Business Can’t Afford A Cheap Website

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How valuable is the design of your website? How much would you be willing to pay to create an enviable first impression? Your site is a virtual representation of what your business is about, regardless whether it exists physically or not. Thousands of Australians are doing business online everyday, they cannot see you physically like they would if they were dealing with a traditional brick and mortar company. Therefore, people do and will judge you by your online presence. This is why an investment in a quality and well designed website is a sound investment.

First Impression Is Everything

Your website is your salesman, and your content is your sales pitch. A good first impression will go a long way in presenting the contents of your pitch. A professionally designed website – one that is great looking, easy to navigate and well structured is the one that will generate the most interest from browsers.

Say you run a brick-and-mortar store selling superior products, how would you feel if your staff dress in cut-off jeans and tank tops when dealing with your customers? How successful do you think they will be in securing the business? Similarly, if your website looks like it was done in 10 minutes, you are telling your customers that you’re not serious and you don’t care about your business, nor theirs.

A persuasive presentation is essential in business. It says that you will take that extra step towards quality and commitment. It says that you will care about your business and the inner-workings of your product. You want the finer details to shine through from beginning to the end.

More Than Just Website

First impressions always matter. You can never redo a first impression. Design is critical to the reflection of your company’s goals – everything from your logo design, to your business card and to the presentation of your website.

You need a professional logo that speaks to your product and customer base. You also need your website designers to conceptualise your website in the same way.

A business card should communicate quickly and effectively. Invaluable website designers will use this approach and broaden it to your website through design and interactivity that will communicate your pertinent information.

Don’t slouch on your website design. Don’t risk poor design for the sake of maximising your profit. Show your customers that you care about quality and they will show you their money.

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