Why Your Bar Can’t Live Without Custom Bottles of Water

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Could upgrading your bottled water deliver more business and boost revenues?

Selling bottles of water may not be high up on the priority list for many bars, restaurants and hotels but it could make a huge difference in results and profits…

7 reasons your bar shouldn’t be caught without its own branded custom bottles of water:

1. Make the Water Drinker Feel Cool too

Making it OK to be seen drinking water means the designated driver is more likely to stay on the wagon, resulting in less accidents associated with your establishment, ensuring the longevity of your business.

2. Ease the Hangover

Drinkers downing your custom bottles of water on their way home or the following morning are much less likely to associate your establishment with a horrible hangover. The better they feel about your place, the more likely they are to come back and send others.

3. The Morning After

It’s no good for them to have the most amazing night of their lives in your bar or associate it with meeting the love of their lives if they can’t remember where they were after the booze wears off. Waking up with your custom bottle of water in their hands solves all of this. Plus, links to your website where you host photos and videos from the night before or give them a chance to connect with possible love interests will keep them connected and make it easy and more enticing to share you online.

4. Right Place, Right Time Marketing

Everyone knows the key to successful marketing is hitting prospects at the right time and place. Achieving this obviously isn’t always easy. However, arming your guests with custom bottles of water on exit, especially when located in a highly competitive, foot traffic area gets your name in front of your ideal prospects at the perfect moment and time.

5. Reducing Marketing Costs

Use QR codes on your custom bottles of water to instantly drive drinkers online to lock into your ongoing social media marketing feeds. Consider linking to promo codes, discounts and competitions for to motivate them to follow, friend and share and call their whole crew in for an immediate boost in business.

6. Raise the Premium You Can Put on Your Brand

Well-designed custom bottles of water means being able to not just sell your spring water for more (think Bling H20 at $2,600 a pop), but raising the value of all of your drinks and venue.

7. Custom Water Bottles Can Offset Other Expenses

Enrolling sponsors to include on your custom bottles of water cannot only eliminate your product cost but offset other marketing expenses and balance out inflation of other rising budget items.

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