Why You Should Take a Cue From the Nintendo Wii and "Accessorize" Your Sales

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Well, I hate to admit it, but I finally succumbed and bought a Nintendo Wii, and after playing with it a bit, I learned just how brilliant the Nintendo Corporation is when it comes to making sales. If you’ve ever bought a Nintendo Wii for yourself or your kids, you, too, know that you won’t stop giving the Nintendo Corporation sales after your first purchase.

It all starts when you buy the console. It might come with a game and a controller, but that’s about it. Soon you want to play with your friends, so you buy another controller (or three). Then you get tired of playing the same game over and over again, so you buy more Nintendo games. But some of the games require a “nunchuck” extension to the controller, so you buy that as well. As you continue to play, you realize that your racing game would be so much better if you bought a steering wheel, your tennis game would be a lot more fun with a tennis racket, and your baseball game would be amazing with a baseball bat; so, you buy all of those. You decide fitness is a desirable aim, so you buy a fitness game for your Nintendo, Wii Fit; of course, you now need to buy a fitness pad to step on and off, run in place on, and balance on. Oh, and some of the other sports games require a “Motion Plus” extension for the controller, which you dutifully buy. Then comes the games where you play musical instruments, such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero; of course, to play those, you have to buy all sorts of plastic devices shaped like drums or guitars.

Wowza! You gave Nintendo one measly sale, but sure enough, they got you giving them more and more sales.

That’s the amazing thing about “accessorizing” your sales. Think of your products or services, and think about what makes a good complement to your product or service. For instance, if you sell cars, obvious accessories to go along with the car are CD players, GPS systems, etc. If you sell jewelry, you can accessorize it with jewelry boxes, jewelry cleaning kits, etc. If you’re in the sales of info products, think of things your clients would like in order to get the most out of your information.

There are endless possibilities, so be creative! Whenever you make sales, think of as many products or services as possible that you can sell in addition to the first thing your clients purchase. Then, keep offering the individual client more and more products or services until they tell you to stop! There are endless products or services that can enrich your clients’ lives, and it never hurts to ask if they’re interested in them. It both helps your clients’ lives, as well as increases your sales numbers.

The beauty of accessorizing your sales is that if you do it right, your prospects won’t even think that you’re upselling them. Nintendo gets people buying endless accessories for the Nintendo Wii, but few people stop and think “Wow. Nintendo sure demands a lot of sales from me;” most people just want to play the game, and view the accessory as a necessary purchase if they are to play the game.

If your accessories seem like a natural extension of what your clients want, then you, too, will make sales without people even realizing that you’re selling them.

Matt Vassar is a sales training consultant as well as a professor at Stanford University. His Secrets to Soaring Sales system can be found at: http://secretstosoaringsales.com/blog.

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