Why You MUST Offer Premium Level Services In Your Coaching Or Consulting Business

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Here’s something to ponder – in any business, you’ll have approximately 20% of your clients who are looking for something ‘more’ and are actively seeking out a higher-priced offering or a premium level service…

But the truth is, very few entrepreneurs recognize this fact and do anything about it! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been coaching, consulting, practicing or selling anything, the 80/20 rule applies to you:

20% of your clients want a premium offering which can easily provide you 80% of your revenue!

If you haven’t heard of the 80/20 rule in business, then it goes something like this:

For successful businesses, 80% of their revenue will come from 20% of their best clients. These are clients who don’t want to be mediocre. They want the best you have to offer and they’re ready and willing to invest in YOU…
So why aren’t you profiting from this yet (first name)?

The problem I see with many practitioners is that they have a ‘one solution fits all’ approach and have a handful of offerings at the same price. If this sounds like you, then you need to radically re-think your strategy.

Having a signature system means you’re able to create multiple offerings for your clients at varying investment levels from entry level programs and services at an affordable rate to more premium priced offerings which will provide you with a HUGE cash boost and accelerate your revenue.

Think of it like this if you wanted to generate $100,000 a year (which by the way is very possible and very easy once you know how), it’s MUCH harder to have 100 clients invest $1000 each than it is to get 4 clients investing $25,000 each or 2 clients investing $50,000 each.

Just think how exhausting it would be to serve so many clients. Not only would you be lacking in time to do anything else, but you’d struggle to serve them fully because you’d be far too busy to give them the time they deserve.

When you have a signature, in-demand system, you’re providing a VALUABLE solution to your client’s needs. The first thing you need to understand is that what you have to offer your clients is VERY valuable. Don’t cheapen your skills by offering sessions for free or slashing the price of your sessions in the hope of bringing in more clients.

When you slash your pricing, no one respects what you do and you become a commodity in the market place not an expert. You end up attracting difficult clients who only shop on price and never on value and very often, these clients are exhausting to work with and rarely stay with you for the long haul…

Even worse, they attract even more cheap clients just like themselves. It can quickly become a vicious circle of you continually working with cheap clients who refuse to stay with you… only for you to slash your prices again to attract even more cheap clients.

Experts don’t charge by the hour, nor do they offer ‘cheap’ services and solutions. Experts charge their worth based on the level of experience they have and what solution they can solve for their clients.

You MUST think in the same way. For example, ask yourself this: what does your ideal client worry about? What are THEIR greatest challenges which YOU can help solve? Can you create a program which will solve their biggest problems?

Remember a golden rule: when you’re helping your clients, they rarely get the full benefit of working with you from just one session. That’s like going to the gym and expecting your body to look amazing after the first session. It just doesn’t happen.

What you need to do is package your expertise into a system which solves a problem for your client or gives a specific, measurable result. If you’re a fitness trainer, don’t charge by the session! Instead, offer 3 month, 6 month or year-long packages based on your client’s needs and charge your worth!

As a health and wellness practitioner, you’re helping to provide your clients with the gift of transformation. Transformation in their health, their fitness or their wellbeing. Clients want and will pay for transformational results, so ensure you have a solution which they are seeking.

And here’s another tip your time is valuable and the most precious resource you have. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. So use your time responsibly. When you create packages for your clients, a higher-priced package means MORE ACCESS to YOU as the expert, NOT more ‘stuff’ or more things added to your program!

And remember something else your client’s are fully responsible for their OWN actions your job is to hold them accountable and NOT take responsibility for their lack of action!

When you have a signature system for your clients, it becomes the basis for EVERYTHING you offer and forms the core of your marketing. It instantly helps your ideal clients connect with you and attracts the RIGHT clients into you business – a key factor in helping you make more money!

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