Why Use Printed Promotional Products?

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For a long time Promotional Printed Products have been an essential part of many marketing campaigns. Businesses had their batches of pens printed with their logos and brands ready to hand out wherever and whenever the time suited. Many businesses used such items to butter up their staff, their sales force and their customers. But the cost of sourcing these items is hitting into budgets that many companies are having to tighten.

Why use them?
So why should we still continue to use Promotional Printed Products? What do they offer for us? Well, they offer an incredible amount back to us in return for the small investment that it takes to have some created.

Appreciate your customers
Giving such items to your existing customers is a long term marketing strategy. Carefully choose an item that will match to the type of people you are giving them to and it tells the recipient that you care about them, that you are interested in them and that you want them and their business to work with you.

Give them an item that is worth something to the customer and they will keep the item, use it and display it (quite unintentionally displaying it) to other people and see it, hopefully at the time that they next need to place an order.

Show gratitude to your workers
Giving promotional products out to your sales force and your workforce can be rewards, incentives and even just reminders of how good an employer you are. You can have bigger and better rewards to encourage good service, running competitions based on sales and production figures for individuals and teams. Or you can just thank them all with a simple diary to show that you do care and to try to increase staff retention.

Don’t always give them away!
But, you do not always have to give these items away. Look at other companies and how they use such items. Aside from many gift shops that sell promotional products after you have been around an attraction, you can also use them as add on sales and to encourage higher basket amounts.

For a shop, whether a traditional high street outlet or an internet outlet, offering a little extra item on basket amounts that are slightly higher than normal may encourage buyers to add one more item to the basket. Or offer the item for near the cost price as an add on sale when they buy other items from you, maybe even doing as certain fast food outlets do and offering a different add on item for free every week. This encourages repeat business in order to collect the entire range.

They are a success, so use them!
So I have to say that yes, it may be a difficult time financially, but without a strong investment in marketing activities, including Promotional Printed Products as well as media and other avenues of marketing, your business will not be competing the way it should be. All businesses need good value for money marketing at present and that is why, amongst other advertising channels, we should all be using printed promotional products.

Keith owns and writes for a variety of marketing websites, including Promotional Gifts and Promotional Flash Drives. Both have plenty of interesting articles and resources to help you find more promotional products.

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