Why Switch To A Google Apps Project Management Tool?

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If the name Google stamped on Google Apps project management tool is not enough to get you to convert from what you are currently using now, then I’m hoping that I will be able to convince you before this article ends.

Why do you need such a tool?

Since the early days of man, the idea of using tools was thought of to make our lives much easier. Can you imagine what our lives would be if something as simple as the concept of the wheel was not thought of? Though I’m pretty sure that such a contraption would eventually be created, imagine if the best that our fore fathers could think of was a cylindrical one.

Though the first paragraph might seem as nothing more than mindless humor, it clearly states the main point that I want to drive at. The power of a Google Apps project management tool is its ability to provide its user a much simpler yet effective method of monitoring a project as well as its entire workflow. The tool being able to provide users with up to the minute information about the project one wishes to view, this can be a huge help for project managers as they no longer need to demand lengthy report sheets or search for documents.

As the workflow is presented to you in real time, managers can quickly pinpoint errors or problem areas, analyze the cause of the problem, and then quickly resolve it.

What tool to get?

As there are many Google Apps project management tools out in the market, choosing one can really be daunting. But then again, ask yourself this question; “what is it that you actually need?” But even with you having to answer that question objectively that still won’t narrow down your choices to a number which you can easily choose from.

So here are a few things that you need to consider:

Price – Does the price justify the purchase and use of the tool? You need to ask yourself if the benefits you will get out of the product is a justifiable investment. Since most Google Apps project management tools have a trial version, you can take advantage of this before actually purchasing the product.

Use – You need to know what you are going to use it for. As the word “management tool” is something that is very vague, a company or organization that wishes to use one needs to talk it over with their workforce as ask what their needs are. From there, you can narrow down what tools would fit their requirements.

There are numerous Google Apps project management tools available in the Apps Marketplace. If you want my personal opinion, I suggest that you take a look at the links I will be posting below.

If you are looking for a Google Apps project management tool that provides detailed information for your entire workflow, then I suggest you check out CollabSpot.

This Google Apps project management tool comes with a trial version and can be installed at its main site or from the Apps Marketplace.

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