Why Promotional Tote Bags Fit in Almost Every Niche

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In the business industry where marketing is everything and a society that is slowly attempting to go green, there is no easier way to procure large amounts of exposure than with your company logo emblazoned upon promotional tote bags.

Many companies already utilize billboards and public transportation, even trucks with the sole purpose of driving around with ads printed on the sides to further endorse these companies. What could possibly be better than hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who essentially become walking billboards with your company logo printed on these bags while they shop?

Numerous people are beginning to use tote bags for shopping purposes instead of inefficient plastic and paper. This means they are certainly not short in demand. Tote bags are easy to store so these potential customers will be able to carry one or two with them wherever they go. Since these bags are completely reusable and far less likely to ever be tossed aside than plastic or paper, you will be doing your part to help the environment by avoiding a needless waste of resources.

In 1999, 14 million estimated trees were chopped down and processed in order to make around 10 billion paper bags for American consumers. While plastic may not immediately show an impact of this magnitude upon the environment, many plastic bags will sit in landfills for decades before they begin to decay at which point they will leave behind harmful toxins.

Eco-friendliness aside, tote bags can be used for anything – not just groceries. Not only could you target grocery chains and retail stores with your marketing product but you could target school and college students as well, where a large bag for books or supplies would be just as welcome. These bags may allow you to promote yourself in avenues where you might not have thought of before with traditional means of advertising.

As a business, you have a number of options when it comes to custom tote bag companies, most especially when buying in bulk. This is a great opportunity for a new means of exposure, so don’t skimp on the details! You could keep the bag simple, with a solid color with some text, or you could try to take a more stylish approach and create designs that would appeal to different people of different ages.

Purchasing custom tote bags with a logo and text of your choice is a more cost effective way of advertising than say, purchasing billboard or ad space on a website, if bought in bulk. By selling tote bags with your logo, you are not only using a far cheaper means to advertise every time that person uses it, but you are also helping the environment. To top it off, not only will your advertising campaign be less costly, depending on whether or not you combine this strategy with others, every time you sell a bag that is money right back in your pocket!

Rajkumar Jonnala is promotional products expert and writes about promotional tote bags, custom flash drives and other popular promotional items.

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