Why Perform A Driving Records MVR Check?

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Some employers are required to perform a motor vehicle records search as a component of their pre-employment screening process. In general, most states mandate that all commercial drivers submit to a MVR records check. It is recommended that any employer hiring an individual who may be entrusted with driving a company vehicle or with using their own vehicle on company time to conduct company business conduct regular motor vehicle records checks on those employees.

MVR checks are designed to produce the following information:

• motor vehicle violations
• suspensions
• revocations
• restrictions
• failures to appear
• arrest warrants
• drug and alcohol related driving offenses
• convictions for driving under the influence
• possession of illegal drugs

Driving records MVR checks may also reveal other information that may not appear in a criminal court record but which may be contained in the court record of the motor vehicle offense. Driving history MVRs may also uncover insurance lapses and unpaid/unanswered summons.

Employers must obtain a release from the applicant before a MVR can be run. To obtain comprehensive information, it’s important to perform a motor vehicle records search in every jurisdiction in which an applicant has resided. A MVR check must be performed in compliance with all state and federal laws.

How Important is a Driving History MVR?
There are reasons to perform a MVR check other than verifying an applicant’s safe driving record or suitability to operate company vehicles. A motor vehicle records search can also tell a potential employer a lot about the character of the applicant.

And, with the number one reason for identity theft and social security fraud being to secure a job using an identity other than one’s own, a motor vehicle driving history can provide information such as:

• verifying driver’s license number
• verifying address
• verifying date of birth

Verifying this information can go a long way toward verifying that the identity of the applicant is true and accurate.

Because there are state and federal laws that govern how, when, and for whom a driving records check may be performed, and what information may be retrieved, some employers prefer to contract with an outside agency to gather this information. An reputable outside screening company that includes motor vehicle driving records checks in their package of services, will not only be able to guarantee that these searches are performed within the guidelines of the law, but they should also provide a report or explanation of the findings.

Employers should perform MVR checks not only to protect their equipment, but to protect their other employees, clients, customers, and others that the employee may have contact with. Should an employer inadvertently hire an individual who has a driving record containing one or more felonies, that employer may be liable for a negligent hiring lawsuit. Such lawsuits have the potential to destroy the reputation of an organization as well as exposing that organization to financial ruin.

All employers should protect themselves by performing thorough driving records MVR checks on all employees authorized to operate a motor vehicle on the job.

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