Why Niching Is Paramount To Your Success

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To me, that was the point the penny finally dropped. She gets what she asks for because her niche is affluent and high-achieving, and they understand and know the value a good coach or mentor can give them. I have two mentors myself, and we talked at length about this very topic.

I know it seems like such a simple thing, but it’s often one of the key areas which are overlooked by many businesses and leaves them stuck and under-earning. I’ve often heard struggling business owners afraid to niche themselves because they are worried they’ll cut people out of their marketing efforts and leave money on the table.

Actually, this is a total myth which should be exploded here and now, because the reverse is true. Niching tells your prospect they are valued and that your product or services are tailored to their needs and addresses THEIR key problems.

The issue here is that if you try market to everyone, you end up marketing to no one, since your message becomes diluted and lacks focus and appeal to the right audience. When you create a marketing campaign without a defined niche at hand, it’s like marketing to the blind – and is money down the drain.

Specializing means that you have an ideal prospect, one that fits your niche criteria, and the more affluent this niche is, the more you’ll be able to ask and get too. It’s not rocket science, but here’s the clue: Drill down into your niche as much as possible, and draw up a list of their common traits and pressing problems. In other words, you’re drawing up a profile of your prospective client or customer.

This will mean you learn more about your intended prospect and can tailor your marketing and business model to them. In fact, specializing allows you to personalize products and services to your particular niche.

For example, if you’re a salon owner looking to drum up more business, and you decide your target market is private medical staff in hospitals, you’ll know that they are often over-worked, under severe pressure and usually very stressed. They have emotionally draining jobs and rarely get the chance to relax.

A service offering you might include is mobile relaxation treatments performed on site, with the aim of relaxing, de-stressing and providing immediate relief to a whole host of emotional and physical problems. You could approach health practices and work on a contractual basis with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of staff – something which users are more than happy to pay for.

Of course, this is a fairly simple example, but niching can apply to just about any business in any industry. From a marketing perspective, it makes marketing a whole lot easier, as your underlying marketing message is clarified, your big vision identified, and your overall message connects and resonates with your ideal prospect in a way that general advertising simply cannot.

So if you’re struggling to bring in the right type of client, ask yourself this: are you offering general or specific products and services to a particular niche? You’ll find that in most cases, clarifying this one aspect of your business produces the biggest results, with more money in your back pocket.

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