Why Marketing Is The Lifeblood Of Your Business

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Ask yourself what is marketing or find a definition. These are two often posed keyword questions asked of Google (and other search engines) the answer comes back something like it is ‘the management process through which goods and services move from concept to customer’. But I think that there is so much more to marketing than that.

I like to think of marketing as the lifeblood of your business. Oxygen is taken into your lungs and from there ends up by osmosis finding its way into your blood cells, the blood circulates throughout your body, pumped round by your heart, feeding, nurturing it, making certain all the organs do their jobs and that limbs function and the brain works, powering everything. Marketing, in a way, can be thought of similarly.

Think about this. You (or a representative of your company) are ‘out on a job’ – this person is your outstretched limb. You walk and talk.You are instantly in communication with your customer and this point of contact is a marketing opportunity and is part of your marketing activity. You talk up the business with existing customers, you talk about things that the company does and can do for the customer. You receive feedback that goes back to base. As you do this your eyes and ears also take in your surroundings and feed information back to HQ – market research.

Never forget that at any given point of time in whatever way you are communicating with your customers, be it face to face as above, or by e-mail, you are constantly in a position to market your business. And the best bit of news here is that it is all free. You need to train your staff, in whatever capacity that they may work for you, that, as employees they are also representatives of your business and thus in a unique position to market the business they work for.

The lungs, kidney and liver are some of the tools required to keep your body functioning. Think of your lungs as being your advertising programme – out there in the big wide world sucking in air, your adverts bringing in interest. Your kidneys are your P.R. activity, sifting and sorting, looking for the good stuff that you can boast about, identify the waste, the shortcomings and turn them into something useful, like compost, that again feeds the body. The liver is your website. Taking different aspects of your body functions and presenting them in a format that does good for your body. The website is all the good things about your business brought under one roof that promotes your business to best effect.

Your stomach takes in food that ultimately enriches your body and is rather like networking in that your stomach meets with all sorts of foodstuffs and sorts out the useful ingredients from the not so useful. Likewise when you network you learn to work out who can do you good and who is a ‘waste of space’.

Now it’s your turn. How does your brain activity fit into how you live and in marketing terms what can you compare it to?

Without all aspects of your body parts working in harmony you would not exist and if you had no heart and no heartbeat then nothing else would matter. Likewise if you don’t have a marketing plan, like your body, your business would wither and die.

Paul Yates runs a business providing effective internet marketing UK which includes a marketing plan production service.

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