Why Local Businesses Need Good Web Design?

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Every business owner of the 21st Century knows that having a well designed website is as essential to business success as staff. We live in a world where people like Justin Bieber and Lily Allen can become famous simply by posting music on the internet, you can buy an egg cubing machine and a pair of lighted slippers on the same website, and you can find out what your future children will look like by uploading a picture. It’s all happening online these days and there is a lot of competition due to the fact that a lot of businesses have sought professional help in making their sites as standout as possible.

Bad web design makes businesses look amateur.

Here are a few reasons why a well designed website is absolutely vital to your business success, particularly if you are the owner of a small to medium enterprise:

  • Exposure – a lot of small business do not take into account that a consumer who does not know the name of your business is unlikely to find you if you either do not have a website or it is badly designed. If you are a plumber for example and want to attract new business, the web is where it’s all happening. No one looks in the thick and unwieldy phonebooks we get for free anymore, it’s clunky, inconvenient, and the information is likely to be out of date in these fast changing times.
  • Prestige – a badly designed or rarely updated website is going to turn potential customers off. They won’t see you as being as on the ball as a company that has a brilliantly designed and very accessible website.
  • Conversion: if you have an Ecommerce site, the buying process needs to be quick and easy. If a customer has to click through loads of windows and full in too many details before putting in their card details, they might not bother. Ecommerce was the way forward in 2010, partly because of cultural developments that have made buying online so much more normal and everyday but also because of the horrendous weather. Really something to think about if you have a beautiful physical shop but a website that is on its last legs.
  • Boing! Your site needs to be well designed so that the customer can find all of the information you want them too and quickly. Bounce rates have been known to drop dramatically after small redesigns of the site’s layout which make navigation easier.

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