Why Double Sided Business Cards Are Not That Great

April 15, 2009 by  Filed under: Marketing 

There has been a buzz about printing double-sided business cards. In the world of business card printing, a lot of people think that this is the new and improved way of doing business. Well, we are sorry to break their bubble, but in our view this is not necessarily so.

Double-sided business cards may be interesting, and it might even be quite useful for some people, but in a lot of cases, people really do not need to have them made.

These are actually unnecessary and may even cost quite a hefty sum.. The classic printing principles still apply, and most are usually better accepted than the double-sided ones. In any case, many business people are better off without needing to have a such type of marketing material in their marketing agenda.

Here are some of the reasons why we view that double-sided business cards are not really that great.

Too noisy or flashy:

For some people, double-sided business cards with their extra marketing messages appear too noisy or flashy. This also makes its holder seem loud and boisterous. If people print things like marketing messages and product descriptions, its double-sided effect makes the whole thing look messy and crowded. In fact, in most cases such type of business card does not seem like one anymore. It becomes much more like a promotional note card that happens to have details that are similar to those of a business card.

Somewhat unprofessional:

Now, since it becomes almost like a promotional tactic, double sided ones will usually appear unconventional and even unprofessional. Business cards have a certain type of dignity and respect that you want to convey. If you turn your professional business card into a promotional circus, hardly anyone will take you seriously. It becomes a mark of a person who is not professional in his dealings with business contacts. It is basically another form of “spam.”

More expensive:

Of course, since these are printed in both sides they are also doubly expensive. You need to print double the images and double the text. In addition, since paper stock can have one sided or double-sided coatings, you gain extra costs in special coatings as well. All in all, this adds about a 100% or more increase in the business card printing quotation. This makes them hardly ideal for people in a budget. With this recession still prevailing, it becomes really impractical unless you are relatively well off.

Rationalizing single sided business cards:

Lastly, if you think about it, you do not really need to print double-sided business cards unless you have been specifically asked to. Business cards are small and easy to read for a reason. You want people to know how you can be contacted quickly and easily. They do not want your whole life story and they do not want to read a mini-brochure in your business card. “Single sided business cards” are all that you need to establish business contacts.

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