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If you have read some of the other articles on this site, you will be aware that having a great product to sell is the first part of making money online. Also, if you’re really clever, you may have realised that having a product that people need to keep buying over and over is a good idea. This is called repeat business, and is the basis for any real wealth in the long run. Someone once said that bleach is the ultimate product, because once people have bought it they take it home, flush it down the toilet, and then go and buy some more!

But how can you be sure that it is your bleach that people will be buying, and not someone else’s? How can you make sure that your brand of bleach (or any other product!) is the most trusted and the most desired? This all comes down to Reputation Management, and is the basis for maintaining any strong brand on the internet.

Essentially, what it all comes down to is a feedback loop between you and your customers.

You have to find out what your customers are saying about you (one end of the feedback loop), and then change your business to make your customers more happy (the other end of the loop). Then you have to listen out for what your customers are saying about you after that – and so the loop continues.

By paying attention to your customers, you can ensure that you are offering them what they want, and adapt your advertising so that other potential customers are drawn to you. We will be discussing the process of Reputation Managements further in other posts, but for now you should remember that Reputation Management can help you to:

Improve customer satisfaction by adapting your business to the feedback they give you.

Find out what people are saying about other people’s brands, to make sure your business is ahead of the competition.

Draw more attention to your brand by making sure you are advertising in the places where your customers go (the websites they use, etc.)

Find out how people’s tastes are changing, so that you can adapt your advertising and product range accordingly. Whatever people want, you will be delivering it.

Find out where the trends are starting, so that you know what news stories might affect your business.

Find out what gaps there are in the market, so that you can fill them before your competitors do.

Find out what people type into search engines in order to find products like yours, so that you can adapt your website to include the right keywords.

Make sure you get around to reading the other posts about Reputation Management, to make sure you are building your brand identity in the right way! By keeping abreast of what your customers are doing and how your business is being talked about, you can earn as much money from your online business as you possibly can.

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