Why Advergames Will Sell Your Product

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Video games come in all shapes and sizes and so do the people that play them

Pew Research Center has recently estimated that 97% of teens age 14-17 play video games regularly. But games aren’t just for kids anymore… A recent survey by ESA Research found that 68% of all Americans play video games. The ages span from 4-80 with 40 years old the average.

Traditional advertising cannot compete with the amount of time a consumer will spend playing a video game as opposed to watching a 60 second video or reading a print ad. An advergame can be given away free (which will increase the downloads from the many online stores and portals) then have a virtual item for sale right in the game. The item can be something in-game or just related to the brand. For instance, a real world version of a toy that’s a character in-game can be sold via an in-app purchase. This works for all sorts of items, not just toys.

If you have a product or service that could benefit by a huge demographic of eager consumers who love to play games whether web based, social or mobile, then you owe it to yourself to compare traditional forms of branding and marketing with this new media that has taken much of the market share from television and movies. When you factor in the time consumers spend in-game, advergames can provide quite a good return on your investment.

Many surveys by many top research firms are concluding that kids spend more time playing video games per day than watching television. The older the control group gets the more television viewing. That’s not to say the baby boomer generation doesn’t spend a lot of time playing video games. In fact, roughly 25% of gamers are now over 50 years old!

The current trend in games has gotten away from the $40 dollar boxed game purchase and increasingly has adopted a “freemium” model where the game is free to download, but virtual currency or items are available to unlock special features. Real world items can be offered as well. Stuffed animals based on game characters, coffee mugs, t-shirts and just about anything else you would find for sale… can be offered as an instant in-game transaction.

With the video game industry estimated to be worth over 50 billion dollars in 2012 (up from 10B in 2009) and projected to top 70 billion dollars by 2017, it is a media that is not going away any time soon.

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