Why A Memorable Logo Design Is Crucial

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When you think about all the big businesses and corporations in the world you will probably think about their logo’s before you remember anything else. The power a good logo design has should not be underestimated, it gives your business a brand, an identity and if you get the design right, it will be remembered by your customers. When you come across products, packaging and advertisements it is the company logo which will instantly identify to you the business behind them.

But we do not remember everything we come into contact with, and whilst there could be many reasons for this, one of the more common is a logo which is not memorable. As humans we tend to remember things which appeal to us which is why we often remember the logos of our favourite brands and companies sometimes even before we remember their names! If you are in business or are about to start one, then you too will need to come up with a logo design which will be memorable to your customers.

Experts say it takes us around 2 to 3 seconds to recognize an image or graphic, which includes logo’s. A good, memorable logo could make the difference between a customer buying your products or services or going elsewhere. A logo which is eye catching, recognizable and unique will appeal to your target audience and will be more likely to be remembered by them in the future.

The importance of a logo should never be underestimated, whilst many take time choosing a suitable name, few actually realize how important a role their logo will play in the success of their business. A logo can be simple in its design or it can be complicated, but ultimately they will all share the same features:

  • A design which is relevant to the business it will be applied to
  • A font which is easy to read and reproduce
  • Colors which will appeal to the target audience
  • Be unique and not a copy of some other famous logo
  • Be scaleable to various forms of media big or small
  • Be suitable to its intended use
  • Convey to customers exactly what the company, product or service is

Making your logo design memorable means it needs to be eye catching and easy for the target audience to understand. Your logo will become your corporate image, the face of your business so it needs to stand out from the competition if customers are to look at it, make a purchase and ultimately remember it!

Georgina C Clatworthy is a freelance writer writing extensively about business branding and logo design.

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