Why A Good Logo Design Is Vital To Small Business

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For anyone starting a new business, recognition and identity should be key objectives. Your business logo design is key to achieving both of these because it is a powerful marketing tool. A good logo will be memorable, will be easily associated with your business and should help customers with the decision making process when it comes to doing business with you. In short your logo will become the face of your brand and an integral part of your business branding.

For any business, getting up and running can be hard. From producing a winning business plan to sourcing funding and finally opening for business, all will be leading towards attracting customers and gaining the edge over your competitors. So just how important is your logo and why is it so vital? Consider it this way, how many famous corporations and brand names can you remember that did not have a logo? Your logo, no matter how simple provides your customers with a means of instant recognition of who you are, and what your products or services are. So the chances are you will never have seen any of the big brands advertising without a logo present.

What exactly does a logo design do? This is a key question because in order to be able to use your logo effectively you have to understand its purpose and how it affects your customers. The first thing to consider is brand recognition. You may have a great name, but customers will associate logos faster with a business, see a part eaten apple or a large ‘tick’ and you instantly know who they belong to. You want your logo to be equally as memorable and instantly associated with your business.

So if you want your logo to be easily associated with you, then your logo design has to be unique. You may sell similar products to a bigger brand, but that is no reason to produce a logo that looks similar. It will only confuse your customers and probably send them straight to the big brand instead. A business logo has to be unique otherwise customers will not instantly associate it with your business.

There is a quality issue too. A good logo will tell customers that your products are good too, a bad logo will probably tell them your products are bad also. A professional logo design will go a long way to creating that brand awareness that is so important and in making your logo identifiable and memorable to your target audience.

In essence your logo design will play a vital role in getting your business, products or services noticed and established within the marketplace. It provides a means of easy brand recognition and aids customers in the decision making process. Finally, in a world were competition exists at every turn, a great logo can really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Georgina C Clatworthy is a freelance writer writing extensively about business branding and logo design.

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