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Wholesale gifts have witnessed an upward and downward trend since the financial crisis started in 2007-8. In some senses, the internet has been both the tool and the market in which new, wholly internet based internet businesses, have found their “home”. Indeed in other capacities the service offerings that are open to the consumer have never been so enriched with choice. Take for instance, Red Letter Days and the variety of other activities days that have flooded the marketplace (novelty gifts?). From the wholesale gift perspective, online retailers have been able to maximise efficiency/cost by lowering prices whilst offering higher-end products. This has been arguable true with internet based clothing companies and miscellaneous retailers selling everything and anything at an affordable price. It is even possible to start your own business through Amazon and EBay in pay-as- you-use style arrangement This has delivered a life-line to wholesalers selling online retailers.

Consequentially, the explosion of new internet businesses means customers have been spoilt for choice as the internet has meant that the chore of travelling to the city/town centre, parking, navigating the endless stream of people browsing through shopping centres has changed dramatically. We now sit at a table and search/shop with a cup of tea in hand as retail therapy and ease collide. For wholesale gift companies this has been greatly lucrative, for high street retailers/city centres it has been deeply concerning and expensive. The situation has been so dramatic that the Government commissioned the well renowned ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ aka Mary Portas to evaluate as well as rejuvenate policies towards ailing high streets.

Even so, with the cost of commercial property so expensive further acerbated by small business rates it is unlucky to change the attractiveness of online gift wholesalers to return – perhaps for the first time – to the high street. If anything with customers seeking ever more whacky and unique gifts for those close and dear the requirement for online companies remains decisively strong. Moreover the specialisation of some companies into niche/highly specialised markets means the once small target market of an affluent town is now open to the entire internet world – increasing competitiveness and business success.

Overall, one could argue that the online revolution is providing a ‘win-win’ situation for all. On one hand new businesses are being born; on the other, experienced online wholesalers continue to offer quality and trust. For customers, gift ideas, clothing, activities days or any other assortment of desired leisure outlet seems not only highly available but completely limitless as we, consumers, get the best of the internet and the high street.

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