Where Are the Best Places to Put Flyers?

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Using flyers to grow your business

With the low cost of printing and the great design capability of the latest software, any new business owner can churn out great looking promotional flyers for their business.

The hopeful owner walks around dropping off flyers by the hundreds hoping to have customers lining up for work.

The reality of flyer success rate

If you plan to place a flyer in every letterbox you go past, then you will waste most of your precious time and get few calls. Less than 1% of your flyers will get your phone calls using this method.

Tip 1. Only place a flyer in a selected letterbox

Have a look at the house first and see if the resident would likely to have need of your service before wasting your flyer. I know that you think it is good if everyone sees your flyer and will want to stick one in anyway, but they will forget your flyer within minutes of throwing it out.

By targeting selected customers you will at least have a better response rate when they do call you.

Tip 2. Where are people bored and want stuff to read

Think of places where people are forced to spend time waiting so that your flyer might be picked and actually read by someone. This works on the approach that they want to read anything, and even your flyer will get a look in.

Consider places like;

  • Laundromats are excellent reading places for flyers
  • Bus stops where there are some areas for your flyers
  • Community places like BBQs and picnic areas
  • Waiting rooms for doctors and other services

Remember that you dont want your flyers to become part of the rubbish problem, so don’t just drop them on the seats or tables. make sure they wont blow around or fly away.

Doctor waiting rooms are perfect because people want to avoid looking at other people or thinking about their purpose for being there. In some cases your product might be perfectly aligned with their needs.

Tip 3. With people who read

Consider placing your flyers in the local libraries where community organisations and local businesses are often allowed to inform the members. When people are waiting for queues or reading the newspapers you can have you flyer be there as well.

Tip 4. Community notice boards will have more impact

Get permission to have your flyer posted on the community or local notice board. For just one flyer you will get many eyes reading over it. This is more effective than placing them in letterboxes.

As you can see, business flyers need to be placed where people have the time to read your content. If you continue to place them in the mail with other junk mail, the chances are your flyer will end up in the big waste bins without a glance.

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