When Your Customers Google You, Are You an Expert?

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Would you like more traffic to your website? Who wouldn’t? If you want to increase the chances that you will sell something, the only way to do it, is to add specifically targeted traffic to your website. Sure, you can go to those websites we have all seen where they promise ten thousand hits in a week to your website. Before you sign up, ask yourself, are you doing more damage than good?


One of the worst things you can do to build traffic to your website is build the wrong kind of traffic. Some of these link building sites you see that advertise huge amounts of traffic to your site aren’t going to help you actually sell your products or services. Rather, what they are going to do is drive a huge amount of spam traffic to your site. This means, most of the coveted traffic you are paying for, has no interest in you or your product.

What’s worse, could your website actually handle that much traffic influx. Most websites traffic goes up gradually. This way, they don’t overwhelm the servers and crash the website. But if your website is only handling a couple of hits a day and then goes to ten thousand hits a day, chances are you are going to blow up your server pretty quickly. Is it really worth blowing up your service, for people who aren’t going to buy your services? The answer is no.


I launched a website for a customer, who was getting only two to seven hits a day on his site. He couldn’t be found by Google Earth, if he had a ten mile wide sign. Google had passed him by. Even though he bought Google advertising, he still wasn’t showing up. In short, Google didn’t think much of him.

So, what we did was create him as an expert that Google should pay attention to. We did this in a series of calculated steps to create him as an expert in his field. First we started with a complete revamp of his website. Then, following the classic Google playbook, we added 100% original content.

You see, Google loves content, especially professionally written, interesting content. In the case of the client, it was all about what his business did and how to find an honest person within his business. As I expected, Google ate it up immediately. All of a sudden, my client was findable on Google.


When it comes down to becoming an expert, you need to offer Google something they don’t have. In the case of the client, it was original information about his business that was written in way that wasn’t pushing his product or service, but rather gave general information about the do’s and do not’s of his business.

Google ultimately provides a product. That product is answers. That’s why they hate commercialized messages and generally make people and companies pay for them, instead of doing it for free. But, if you can provide Google with expert information from an expert source, they are happy to let you play in their sandbox.

So, if your goal is to be found on Google, start with considering hiring a professional writer to develop interesting content about you and your website. The sooner you present yourself to Google as an expert, the sooner you can start drawing traffic.

Want proof? My client who was frustrated with two hits a day, well, he’s averaging over two thousand hits a month now and I can tell you. He didn’t spend a fortune, he didn’t become a big company and he didn’t work too hard to get it done. He hired a professional and became an expert.

Jarred Talmadge, MBA is a professional content writer for small businesses. He specializes in creating content for small business websites. He also offers services to help create you as a specialist in your field. Powerful content is now the key to marketing on the Internet. For a free initial consultation, contact Jarred now through his website at http://www.JarredTalmadgeMBA.com.

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