When and Where To Give Out Promotional Sunscreen

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They come in various forms and sizes; from tubes to sprays, some with lanyards while some have keychain holders on them. Promotional sunscreen bottles and tubes are increasingly popular corporate gifts and if a business knows how to strategically distribute them, they can build more company awareness and generate more sales at the end of the day. Here are the when’s and where’s of proper distribution of your company’s sunscreen products.

Spring and Summer

Obviously, a smart business idea would be to give out sunscreen during the months where people are outdoors because of good weather conditions. During the spring and summer seasons when your customers are exposed to the sun for most of the time are the best periods to give out your sunscreen products. Forget about big, bulky bottles as the trend now is all about convenience on the go. Invest in handy-sized sunscreen bottles or sprays that they can easily pop inside their bag and use whenever they need some sun protection. Do not forget to let them know that your company is giving out these sun protection items because you care about your customers’ health and well-being.

Beach, Sports and Outdoor Trade Shows

Bring out the big guns during beach events, sports shows, games and outdoor tradeshows. This simply means that your business should give out its sunscreen items in bulk numbers during occasions when there are a large number of potential customers who really need sun protection for specific reason. They may be watching a beach volleyball game, engaging in a family day affair at the park, or participating in a large tradeshow of products and services. Even job fairs can be a good event wherein you can actively give out sunscreen products. Your company’s name and logo will be displayed in the bottles of sunscreen and the people who use them will be carrying and using them around for most of the day. That fact alone will be able to give your company a good amount of exposure in the market.

Holiday or Vacation Seasons

One brilliant idea is to give out your promotional sunscreen during the months or weeks when you know that many people will be going on holidays abroad or going to a different state with a sunny climate. So the next time that you talk to the key people who manage your account or to your suppliers who your company works closely with, why not ask them when they will go on holiday. Then you can cleverly send them a few bottles and tubes of sunscreen with a friendly note so that even if they are away on vacation, your company’s image will still be with them. It is all about anticipating the best time to please your clients and using that advantage to actively use your promotional items to suit their needs.

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