What’s So Special About "Is This You?"

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If you’d like your website to bring in more qualified leads, this one page can make all the difference. The “Is This You?” page works because when someone first visits your website, they feel a little lost. It’s like going into a big, overwhelming store for the first time–there’s so much to see and navigate.

They have no idea if you can help them yet, and they want to know just one thing: are they in the right place?

One page can answer that better than any other. That’s the “Is This You?” page.

Seeing that navigation link is like a beacon–click here! it says. It promises, in just three little words, to let the first time visitor know whether or not you have what they need.

Of course, you have to write the page correctly (and this page is harder to write than ordinary web content). But simply having that little navigation link immediately helps your visitor feel guided to where they need to go.

The way you approach your “Is This You?” page depends on your firm’s archetype*.

  • If your archetype is the Audrey Hepburn, connects with the reader in a really deep, specific way. Carefully selected testimonials can go a long way towards helping first-time visitors feel seen and understood.
  • If your archetype is the Katherine Hepburn, it’s important that you showcase your irreverent style on this page even if the rest of your site is written in a more professional way. Show off your sense of humor and levelheadedness so that visitors can get to know you.
  • If your archetype is the Edith Head, don’t rely exclusively on written words to make your point–bringing in carefully selected illustrations (like flow charts and infographics) is important.
  • If your archetype is the Judy Garland, share your defining moment as a compelling story on this page. It might seem strange to talk about yourself on a page that’s supposed to be about the visitor, but for the JG type, the key to connecting with your ideal clients is to share more of yourself because your own personal journey fundamentally informs your approach to the work you do.
  • If your archetype is the Liz Taylor, make sure to add some sensory elements to your page (through photos, for instance). Adding photos of your office or other imagery related to your work will bring readers in.

Do you see how each archetype requires a custom approach to the “Is This You?” page? And can you understand why it’s important to get this right? After all, if you do get this page right, your visitors will read this page and know instantly that they’re in the right place.

Getting the “Is This You?” page right convinces first time visitors to contact you (instead of bookmarking your site for “later” which never comes). Adding this one page alone will increase the number of qualified leads you receive from your website. It’s a straightforward way to let your ideal client know they’re in the right place.

NobleType brands financial advisors so they get more of their right clients. We do this by designing and writing websites, blogs, email newsletters (ezines) and more.

It all starts by discovering The Obsession with Identity and how you can use ancient archetypes to get the attention you deserve.

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