What To Look For When Hiring A Trade Show Installation Company

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Trade show installation is a tricky business. In many cases, companies spend a lot of time and resources on getting their booth ready to display, but they don’t think much about who to hire for the trade show installation. Instead of hiring the first business that you come across, do a little research before choosing a company for trade show installation. Installing a display can include everything from actually putting up the booth, plugging in electrical cords, dismantling the display, moving boxes and other booth pieces from the freight dock to the exhibition spot and more.

Does The Venue Limit Who You Can Use?

Some cities have unions in place and this means that you’re limited to who can install your display. If this is the case, you’ll need to go with the union who’s contracted to work at the venue. If your venue is under the union’s jurisdiction, be very careful. Everything from plugging in your electrical extension cord to tightening a screw can be considered a part of the union’s work. If you do a job that’s been promised to a union worker, your business could face large fines by the union or the exhibition site.

Choosing A Trade Show Installation Company

If you’re able to choose your own vendor, you have a few options. Many companies who design and sell you a booth can also provide you with installation services so be sure to check with them. You could also use the contractor hired by the venue.

If you’re hiring your own company, check to make sure they are experienced in putting together the type of booth you’re using. If you have a large display, a company that’s not experienced in the type of display your business uses can actually cost you more. Experienced installers will take fewer hours to get your booth up and ready for visitors, which saves you money in the long run.

Shipping Is Just As Important As Installation

If the exhibition is out of town, shipping is vital. Remember to give yourself plenty of shipping time, just in case your stand is delayed for any reason. Many venues allows exhibitors to ship their trade show stand well before the event to make sure the stand arrives in time.

Shipping is not the place to save money. Choose a shipper who’s proven to be reliable and who offers insurance on each item. If you need to pay extra for insurance or to ensure your trade show stand is fully insured, do it. A shipping mishap could mean that your boxes arrive broken or not at all, so protect your company against this just in case.

Choosing the right company for a trade show stand installation is vital, but check to make sure you’re allowed to choose the business that installs your display ahead of time. If the venue isn’t under a union’s jurisdiction, check to make sure the company you hire is experienced in the type of display you have. Doing this will save you time and money.

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