What Should Your Newsletter Include?

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So you’ve looked at the basics to consider before you decide to publish a newsletter and you’re going to do it! Congratulations! A newsletter isn’t for every business, but since it’s the right thing for your business you’d better figure out what’s going to be in it.

Determine what you want to accomplish with your newsletter. Do you want to keep customers informed of news from your industry? How about get them to come in and buy something because you’ve sent them a special newsletter discount coupon? What about a products or services spotlight? Do you have customers who are using your products creatively in a way that might be interesting to others? Is there community news that might draw your customers closer to your business? Do you have some funny cartoons or jokes that might give a quick smile?

At a minimum, your newsletter should always include:

  • At least two articles about your company, your industry, your products/services
  • A coupon or “newsletter only” special deal
  • An “About Me” section
  • Your contact information including phone, address, email, and website
  • How to unsubscribe

A minimum of two articles makes it worthwhile for your readers – you want them to actually get value out of what you’re sending them. If all they get is a sales pitch, they will soon opt-out and you’ll lose them. No matter what you choose to write about, make sure it’s informative and helpful to the reader. In at least one of the articles, invite them to call or come by to get questions answered about the topic. Let them know you’re always available to discuss your newsletter topics further.

Your coupon or special deal should really be something they can’t get any other place. If you publish a “newsletter only” deal your customer really shouldn’t see the same deal on your website or in any other place. Be creative about what kind of deal you’re offering so that your reader is glad they are part of your newsletter mailing list.

Your “About Me” section can be the same every time if you prefer. If you can, though, it’s nice to spice this up just a little bit for each edition. Add a sentence or two about new things going on. This can be a small personal note if you’re comfortable sharing a little about yourself. Be careful not to get too personal as this can turn some people off and also open you up to some risk. Just be yourself and let people get to know you through what you write.

Your contact info will be the same for each edition, just be sure to always include it. You want people to know exactly how to contact you if they want to buy something, have questions, or want to give you feedback about your newsletter. You’ll also need to give people clear directions on what to do if they want to stop receiving your mailing.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the communication is to give value to your readers and to continue to build a relationship. If they get great value, they’ll stay subscribed. If they continue to subscribe, you’ll have more opportunities to grow them into loyal customers. That’s what you want!

Kelly Dear works with small businesses to develop and implement individual online marketing strategies. Making sure each of the businesses she represents is found online by potential customers is key. If you are a small business owner who wants an honest and creative approach to online marketing, call Kelly to help develop the right plan for you.


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