What Is the Difference Between TV and Online Video Advertising?

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There is no need to prove that video ads are more effective than simple text or even picture banner ads.

When it comes to online video advertising, however, there is a new concept when writing the script.

A TV commercial is created for a broad audience, and it acts more like company branding than instant lead generation. Imagine this: you’re at home watching a movie with your family. Every 15 Minutes or so, there is a commercial break. It can be an advertisement of anything from plumbing services, online banking to toys and fast food. We are usually numb to these ads, meaning, we will not run to buy the new hamburger menu right away, or we will not switch banks instantly; most of the times we don’t even pay attention to these ads, right? But the way they work is that deep down, we have seen them so many times, that if we need to switch banks, we will remember the offer. This is called branding.

Now imagine, that your car broke down, and you need to get it fixed a.s.a.p. and you are on a budget. We behave totally differently now. Most of us will go online and look for a good deal. When a potential customer finds your online video, they are very much interested in your offer. If someone is looking for a used stroller, there is no way that they would come across your auto repair website, unless you are also selling strollers, which is very unlikely. You don’t really need branding yourself in this case, because most people won’t spend a lot of time researching your company, if you are offering the services they need at an affordable price. They have a problem, and you give them a solution. Your online video ad should offer problem solving information to the viewer.

You also want instant response. You have to tell them what you want them to do to get in on the good deal you are offering. This video is basically a virtual sales person available 24/7.

This is how you make money with online video advertising. Unlike TV ads, most of the viewers will be interested in your service because they are actively seeking for you by typing in your keywords into the search engine. It is a very targeted audience.

If you are planning to invest in video advertising, consider online video ads. They will generate a better response guaranteed, and they are much more affordable then TV ads.

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