What Is Cross-Channel Marketing?

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No matter how good or unique the product or service that you’re offering the public is, you have to be sure that you market it properly. After all, if no one knows about what you are offering, then how can you expect anyone to want to buy it? Additionally, if you’re going to market in the modern-day then you need to participate in what’s called cross-channel marketing for optimum success on your campaign.

What is cross-channel marketing you might ask? Well, simply put, it’s the use of one type of market channel to support another. For instance, if you’re launching a website for your company, then you would use a direct mail campaign to let people know about that website so that they could check out the content you’re putting up. It sounds great, and it’s a fairly straightforward concept, but you need to be careful how you go about it. After all, which channels are effective? What are the potential results? Are there any potential problems?

These are all important considerations that you have to take in hand when you’re a marketing planner for a campaign. After all, if you send out direct mail to let people know about your site, why would they check it out? Are you offering them a special deal perhaps, and that would entice them to log on? Are you only sending the mail to people that are members of a customer mailing list, so they’re already pre-disposed to your company and product? Are you farming out the job to a call center that has been shown to get good results to spread the word? These are all options you have, but they’re certainly far from the only ones.

Another, more passive, method of cross-channel marketing is to simply weave and integrate all of your marketing campaigns together. For instance, if you have a new website then make that part of your regular announcements on the social networking that your company uses. If you have recently started a Facebook page for your company, then put a small blurb at the end of your television or radio commercials to let people know that. In short all you’re doing is letting people know that there are multiple ways to get more information on your company and your product, and that they should choose the method that is easiest for them to use, and which will keep their interest.

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