What Is a Perfect Business/Sales Pitch?

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A “pitch” is business speak for a presentation. In a presentation you explain the merits of your brand and why people should buy or at least engage with it. This is important because in a social media era. There are many brands. Your job is to make your brand stand out, so that people take your brand whenever they are in the market for your product. The perfect pitch can be narrowed down to 5 P’s: PREPARATION, PURPOSE, and POTENTIAL, PACE, PREPARATION.

PRESENTATION. You can’t go into a presentation cold and try to wing it. You have to do research. You have to be able to convince the group or individual that you are dealing with that your brand is their best option. Focus on the customer. Ask yourself this question, “why should this person buy my product?”

PURPOSE. Ask this question, “What does this product or service offer to my customer? Why should people buy your product and not someone else’s? In your presentation, compare price and value. If you are charging a premium price, clearly explain why. A clear explanation of your product’s purpose should be the first thing you should say to your customer.

POTENTIAL. Your product has to solve a problem for your customer. Explain the problem and why your product is the best solution. You have to explain to a customer what is in it for them, and why?

PACE. Your presentation can’t drag. You can use discrete humor that explains your position. Stories and examples are good vehicles for keeping your presentation moving. Ronald Regan was an expert at this. During his Presidency, many issues that he held dear were not policies embraced by large amounts of American citizens. He did such a good job of explaining his views through humor and stories that he was able to win the public over to his views. This is why Ronald Regan will always be the “Great Communicator”.

The trick to pacing a presentation is to be quick, simple, and to the point. Pace yourself, speak clearly, and speak fluently.

PRESENTATION. Your presentation style must sound normal and natural. You have to have absolute command of your subject, but you can’t memorize your speech. Memorized speeches sound too stiff, to robotic, to controlled. This turns people off.

An example of this is Presidential debates. People want a candidate who understands their position, but is not programmed. Bill Clinton was an expert at this. He won the 1992 election when, at a debate, in answering a question, he approached a woman, laid his hands on her shoulder, and told her he “felt her pain”. President Bush simply rattled off a group of statistics.

The key to your presentation is to be familiar with your material. The more familiar you are with the information, the less anxious and more focused you will be.

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