What Does Market Pull Really Mean and Why Is It More Effective Than Sales Push?

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The Marketing & Sales world needs to change, and change fast before it continues to destroy perfectly innocent careers and stain the attitudes of prospective clients, through simple ignorance and misunderstanding in regards to the power of Market Pull.

Not using a Market Pull approach simply tells your potential markets that you do not care about them, you just want their money and hope they can use your product.

Why do so many vendor businesses continue to push their objectives, goals, desires and deadlines down the throats of innocent clients? Quite simply because it is easier, faster and less expensive to do so. In other words the Business Owners (this also includes some Marketing & Sales leaders too!) are just too lazy to apply the right amount of research in regards to their explicit target audiences by planning ahead with enough time to meet important business deadlines.

I was told an interesting true story recently where a fascinating niche product and service agreed to engage a close and trusted business development consultant (a friend of mine). The mutually agreed engagement was very attractive and mutually acceptable and things started fine with the consultant preparing all the necessary research, audience targeting and appropriate keyword messaging to execute a proven Top-Down methodology into Business and Government leaders across the world.

Unfortunately the owner of the business which engaged the consultant became impatient and engaged another short-term commission-only sales rep resource without communicating this to the originally engaged consultant, until after the sales rep was engaged – this also affected the viability and reality of the commercial arrangement which was originally and mutually agreed with the business development consultant.

In any case the owner, through panic, ended up risking his deserved success by succumbing to the old-fashioned Sales Push route and ignoring and somewhat abusing the services of the business development consultant.

As a further result of all this, the market and prospective clients were being pushed into making a decision in a hurry and the business owner was in a panic with regards to a publishing deadline.

So how do we avoid these sorts of business situations in the future?

Well there are perhaps three (3) key mandatory things to understand, accept and execute in future:

Research – simply understand WHO you are, WHAT you have to offer and WHY it is needed by your target market and audiences and decide IF and HOW you would like to take this task on

Messaging – from the above Research you should be able to work out the market message(s) required to interest (pull) your audience and ultimately open doors at the Top with the route down to a Decision Maker

Targeting – once you have clearly identified and understood the above you will be able to then produce clear Target Lists with which you will be able to patiently work and maintain contact with (and ideally begin relationships with) ideal clients for the longer term.

Once this process has begun and if it began well in advance of any deadlines, you will easily secure the right (target) clients and meet your business deadlines without stress.

When we are ignorant to the above we default to the old-fashioned Sales Push which involves NO Research, NO Messaging and NO Targeting. It just wastes peoples’ time – that of the poor sales rep and most importantly the time of the poor potential client who has to be subjected to some other person’s deadline.

A deadline that is in most cases is irrelevant, unsubstantiated, unrealistic and impersonal to potential suspects and prospects (i.e. the market).

So next time you plan to start a business or produce a product, make sure to invest in marketing research and follow the steps highlighted above to save yourself form having to recruit commission-only sales rep cowboys.

Paul Rahme is Founder of vEO International a specialist International Market Entry firm that works with companies to improve overall Business Growth http://www.vEO.biz
Paul’s expertise is in international sales & marketing strategy and international sales & marketing leadership. He has 23 years of international business experience across the world with particular strength in Asia Pacific Regional Management; encompassing; sales, marketing, services and general administration and management, predominantly with IT&T related technology vendors.
Paul is known in many circles as being a Thought Leader with regards to effective Marketing and Selling (International Business Development) and has spoken at Asia Pacific Summit events in China being the Global Outsourcing Summit (GOS) and the International Cooperation Summit (ICS) on Business Development Outsourcing and Market Entry topics, involving his uniquely self-developed psychological approach to business growth by understanding People, Clients and Markets.

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