What Different Materials Are Used in Signage?

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These days signages, banners, and other signs are developed with many different materials and because of these various materials, signages or banners can be printed almost on any surface. However, there are some materials, which are known as the basic materials, and are widely used for signs and banners. Here are some details of these materials:


Wood is reliable, strong, and is available in innumerable qualities. Because of these very qualities, wood has been widely used for signage making for quite some time. Due to its smooth and flat surface, almost all kinds of designs and images can be printed on it. These days wood is also used with some other materials like Aluminium and vinyl.


Aluminium has high weather resilience and it is widely used in signs placed in open areas. In open areas, signages often have to encounter the vagaries of weather. Especially the road safety signs have to bear all kind of weather’s severity, and that’s why, they are made of aluminium. Aluminium signs are not only sturdy, but they are also supportive of various colours, which rarely fade on them.

Corrugated plastic:

This lightweight material is used in various types of signage. This inexpensive material is also called corplast and is considered as a nice substitute for card stock or poster card. Corrugated plastic is known as a versatile material and it is used in signs that are developed for temporary use like some events or promotion of some goods. It can be cut in many different sizes and shapes, and for this reason, it is considered as an ideal material for signs developed for indoor promotions. Travelling displays are also developed with this material.


Sintra has been found very handy to make short-term outdoor and long-term indoor signs. Sings with this material can last for years, if they are attached with a building side. Another additive of this material is its easy denting and scratching.

Magnetic Vinyl:

Magnetic materials are used to apply graphics and lettering for vehicle signage. These materials shouldn’t be removed when the vehicle is at 100kph of speed or over. This signage material is considered quite effective for those vehicles, which are used for many different purposes. Signs developed with that material are easily removable, but if one takes proper care of them, they can last for quite a long time without fading.


Dibond is quite well known for its durability, and it’s one of the most widely used materials in permanent signage. It has strong plastic core, while aluminium is placed on its each side. This sort of material is specifically designed for exhibition market, fascias and many other signs.


Lexan is a tough and versatile polymer. It has many unique features that give a high quality and performance not only to outdoor signage, but to many other products as well. Because of its multidimensional effects, this material is easily visible from quite a distance. Durability and brilliance are two popular features of this material. These days, signs play a vital role in promotion of goods and that’s why the selection of right material for signs is a matter of utmost importance.

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