What Did You Say? Trade Show Display Terms From Pop Up Displays To Work Rules

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Trade show display terms can sometimes seem like a second language. From pop up displays, to work rules and more, there are a number of terms unique to the industry. Before you take your booth to an exhibition, learn some of these important terms.


Dismantling a booth is simply taking it down after the event is over. Oftentimes, a specific company hired by your business or the event venue takes care of dismantling. If you try to dismantle your own trade show display, you could face consequences such as a fine from the venue so it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays are metal frames (usually aluminum) that have large fabric graphics stretched across the frame. These pop up displays are typically used as a backdrop for other trade show display pieces.


A raceway is metal or insulated rubber tubing. It is used to house electrical wires.

Masking Drape

A masking drape is a piece of cloth that is used to cover storage bins or other areas that detract from the overall look of the venue.

Fire Lane

A fire lane is an aisle in an event venue that must be keep clear in case of a fire. No exhibitions or storage crates are to be kept in the fire lane.

Work Rules

Many venues have limitations as to who can install and dismantle each trade show display in the event. The work rules can be unique to each venue and can include the working conditions of the craftspeople, including how many hours then can work, when they must take breaks and their pay structure.

Rental Booth

A rental booth is a great alternative for companies who are unable to purchase their own trade show display. These rental booths are fully customizable with personalized graphics and in many cases, event attendees are unable to tell the difference between a rental booth and one that’s been specially designed.


Drayage refers to moving event materials, such as a trade show display, promotional materials or anything else a company has shipped to a venue. Drayage moves materials from a shipping dock, to the exhibit space, and then back to the dock when the event is over.


Cartage is similar to drayage. Cartage refers to the fee that’s charged for transporting freight or moving pieces of the exhibit over a short distance.

Table Top Displays

Table top displays are exactly what you’d expect. These exhibits set up on the top of a table and are ideal for exhibitors who need to be able to hand carry their exhibit into the hall and set it up themselves.

Security Cage

A security cage is perfect for exhibitors who need to be able to lock up some of their products and materials at the end of the day. It’s usually used in a multi-day event, but a security cage is usually available if you want to lock up your items when you go on a break.

These are only a few of the many trade show display terms you’ll become more familiar with as you attend more exhibition events.

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