What Are Promotional Products?

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Promotional products are useful or decorative items that are utilized in marketing and communication programs. They are usually printed with a corporate logo, name or message.

When these custom printed products are used as free giveaways, they are called advertising specialties. When they are given as an incentive for a specific consumer action they are known as premiums. Business gifts, awards and commemorative items are also considered to be promotional items.

How are promotional products used?

These products can be used alone, but also work well when integrated with other media in a complete marketing campaign. The most common uses:

– Business gifts to clients, prospects and vendors

– Employee motivation and recognition programs

– Training or orientation sessions

– Corporate communications

– Generating traffic at trade show booths

– Dealer/distributor programs

– Company stores

– Attracting new customers

– Nonprofit fundraising

– Public awareness campaigns

– Build brand awareness or loyalty

– Introducing new products or services

What kinds of promotional products are available?

Common promotional items include pens, t-shirts, mugs, bags, water bottles, key chains and desk accessories. However, virtually any item in existence is also available with custom logo printing.

In many cases completely unique products can be made to order to coordinate with a company’s logo, brand or message.

What are the advantages of promotional products?

Promotional product marketing can fit into any advertising budget. The products can also be chosen to complement other media, can be targeted to select audiences, and selectively distributed.

In addition, promotional items are often practical items that can be used by the recipient on a daily basis. This means that the advertiser’s logo and message will be seen every day and is more likely to be remembered.

Promotional products are the rare form of advertising that consumers actually ask to receive!

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