What Are ChromaDepth 3D Glasses?

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ChromaDepth® glasses and 3D imaging are the newest and most versatile 3D methods available. This proprietary process allows spectacular 3D images to be created and presented in film, video, television, computer graphics, and laser displays. Read on to learn more about ChromaDepth 3D Glasses.

Unlike the traditional 3D process that requires 2 images, ChromaDepth® information is encoded from a single image through the use of binary optics and color. The 3D ChromaDepth® glasses create striking 3D images from normal 2D images by pulling forward the color red to the foreground and sorting the remaining colors according to their position in the rainbow. The ChromaDepth® process encourages fantastic 3D illusions without compromising the quality of the image or image colors when viewed without the glasses.

3D ChromaDepth® glasses are the hottest, inexpensive promotional item delivering tremendous marketing impact. A variety of frame styles, full color printing, and intricate die-cutting make it easy to customize the 3D ChromaDepth® glasses for maximum advertising impact. These glasses can be designed with your logo, trademark colors, or popular sayings. Unlike plastic 3D glasses, ChromaDepth® glasses can also be designed with promotions, such as coupons, attached as a tear-off piece on the glasses. By giving your consumers two reasons to visit your live show or attraction (being able to see in 3D plus receiving a discount), you truly get the most bang for your buck.

Because colors are not compromised when creating amazing 3D effects with ChromaDepth®, the technology can be used for web-based advertising, direct mail, magazines and publications, live events, and more. Not only can you use 3D ChromaDepth® glasses for posters and advertising, you use them for designs on furniture, t-shirts, and much more – the only limit to 3D ChromaDepth® is your imagination! Attractions such as roller coaster, dark rides, laser shows, and Halloween attractions can all be enhanced with ChromaDepth® glasses and fluorescent lighting, fluorescent paint, or black lighting.

You could even create a multi-platform campaign in which 3D ChromaDepth® glasses are passed out which contain a coupon for your live event. Posters for the live event could all be viewed with the 3D glasses, and once you actually got to the concert, movie, or other live attraction, even more special effects would be enhanced by the glasses.

3D promotions still pack a powerful marketing punch, and now these 3D glasses are cheaper than ever to make. Don’t let your competitors get the edge on you – lead your industry in innovation with new 3D advertising using 3D ChromaDepth® glasses.

American Paper Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of traditional anaglyph 3D glasses and other 3D products is your one stop source for anything 3D. An endless variety of frame styles, specialty optics (including Polaroid 3D glasses and ChromaDepth 3D glasses), full color printing, and intricate die-cutting capabilities make it easy for you to achieve your 3D objectives.

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