What All Great Personal Business Cards Have in Common

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Have you ever wondered about the best ways to do business card printing and design? I myself have wondered about this as I switch from one card printer to another. While I have had some great and bad cards over the years, it is really quite difficult at times to get the right mix of proper design and card printer expertise for a good personal card. Fortunately though, I no longer have these problems. After looking at a lot of the great card samples out there, I know now what all great cards have in common. Let me share this list with you so that you also can create the best kinds of custom cards for your use.

• No white paper – One big common characteristic that all great personal cards have in common is that they do not use white paper. All great cards use a certain kind of background color or texture to make their cards more personal and impressive. They do not prefer the old style white paper background, simply because it is just boring and tasteless. So if you are planning to design a great card, you may want to leave the white paper alone, and get started deciding on your main paper color or background color for card printing.

• Fully colored graphics and text – Another important characteristic of great cards are their full color graphics and text elements. If the background can be colored, then so too should the content. Full color images and graphics add a more personal and emotional element to a card that helps establish its personality and impact. If you choose the color of your graphics and text well, you should be able to capture more than one person in one card. It is just natural for many people to look at different colored things, and with your cards fully colored this way, they can become really wonderful with the right imagination.

• Alternative layout – Most great cards commonly have an alternative layout. They do not typically use the standard format of name card printer, business card printingt the middle, plus the other details below. Usually, professionals will try to use a different configuration to make the card designs more memorable. From vertical based designs, to offset design lines, there are lot of unique and interesting formats to choose from. So if you want your cards to be really special, consider using an alternative layout.

• Distinct font styles and formatting – All great cards also have the common feature of having distinct font styles and text formatting. The font can really shape the card’s impact as well as its overall message to people. The best business cards try to really be creative with their content, choosing simple but still unique looking text that tells a lot about the owner. So you should try to think carefully about your font styles and formatting. This will influence a big part of your business card designs.

• Great materials in printing – Finally, all great business cards use great materials in printing. In most cases, they just use a thick paper material with glossy coatings to get the job of professional printing done. However, if you want to use something really unique and great looking, you may want to ask for your options in paper and coatings. Many great business cards go beyond standard paper ad try to use something unique. If you are lucky, you will get a business card printer that has different material and quality options for your business cards.

So those are the things that great business cards have in common. Try to match what those great cards have, and you also might eventually get to make a great personal business card.

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