Wedding Business – 5 Ways to To Win New Bridal Business

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Now you can attract wedding planning clients without expensive ads or obnoxious hard-selling techniques. The secret to a super successful bridal business is knowing how, when and where to connect with qualified brides to be.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Is she the bride or the mother of the bride? Depending on your approach to wedding planning, your best client may very well be the parents who are footing the bill. If that’s the case, you’ll need to adjust your marketing to suit your target audience.

Know Where to Find Wedding Clients

If mommy and daddy are typically paying for their daughter’s big day, chances are you won’t run into them on MySpace. You may want to invest in building up a strong relationship with the general managers at the best country clubs in town if you want to grab the attention of the older and affluent buyer.

Know How to Communicate

When you know your potential clients well, you’ll know what they really want to hear from you. Is your ideal client looking for a stress free day, a fairy-tale celebration or an efficient use of their budget? If you’re pitching, “we’ll save you money on your wedding,” when your buyer really wants, “dreams really do come true,” you’ve lost the sale.

Know How to Reach Them.

Learn where your ideal client goes to find a wedding professional. Do they ask their club manager? Do they consult their minister? On the other hand, maybe they just Google?

Know When To Reach Them.

If you can establish contact and build a relationship early, you will have less competition. Perhaps building a solid relationship with a jeweler could help you connect with brides to be at the very start.

A wedding photographer could give a bride three valuable gift certificates, for free engagement photographs. The new bride is likely to have friends walking down the aisle and she’d be delighted to share those coupons with friends. Once the newly engaged couple comes into the studio for a free portrait, they’re almost certain to hire the photographer on the spot to their wedding.

The photographer now has leads that every wedding professional would want. The smart photographer can make money with those leads by offering them to qualified event vendors.

Being a good wedding planner is not enough. You need to be a great marketer too. Never stop learning about new and effective ways to reach your market. Get your business online – and not just on your website. Fully engage on social media sites too.

Social media sites can promote your business faster and more effectively than any other promotional channel. Are you ready to get on board?

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