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The About Us page of your website is actually a critical part of website writing. Most business owners simply slap this together asis is only an online resume. It’s a dry recitation of education, training and certifications, maybe there’s a mention of your dogs, cats, or kiddies, but there’s nothing coherent about it.

Reconsider your approach to this page. Here is where you get to prove 100% that you are able to deliver as promised on your other web pages. If your site visitors are reading this page, they’re already seriously interested. By the time they reach this page, they simply want to be convinced and feel secure that you have what it takes to deliver. They’ve already invested their time reading all the pages of your site.

You need to understand that they will actually feel let down or irritated if this page doesn’t convince them. Your failure to convince them on this page means that their hopes were raised and then dashed. They have to keep searching for a solution for their problem. They are let down and disappointed. Here are some possible variations for making the most of this page.

1) Provide the information in non-chronological order but make it parallel to the details of your offering. For instance, if you describe three benefits of your service, on the About Us page describe in three parallel paragraphs the training and background that illustrates you can provide those benefits. You want them to read these paragraphs and think “Wow, with that background I can see that I could get these benefits.”

2) Consider alternating information about training, education, and background with anecdotes of pivotal experiences or influential people. This illustrates how you came to be the person you are and humanizes the resume’ aspect of the information. It’s a “peek” inside your head, so that the reader gets to feel like they really know you. It’s a format that is interesting to read and turns this page into a story.

3) Don’t just have a string of degrees, academic majors and job company listings. “Pull this apart” into comprehensible information. Don’t say “Worked at Arthur Anderson doing training from 1995-2000.” Instead, say something more like “Next I went on to Arthur Anderson for 5 years. I put together leadership training for fortune 100 companies. My specialty was to help mid level managers comprehend and apply ways to persuade employees, get buy-in and create collaboration teams. The focus was on increasing productivity by 20% through inspiring cooperation.”

4) This page might benefit from your telling your own story about how you suffered from the same problems your prospect suffers from and how you overcame them. This information is always interesting because it gives you instant credibility. Telling the details about how you suffered and tried different solutions is compelling. Describing the process you went through to discover and refine what works fills the prospect with faith and hope. This helps the reader see and understand how your service or product was developed, and the thinking and planning that went into it. You show them that your solution is superior and that you’ve experimented to come up with the best — demonstrating for them what makes your offering their best choice.

When you are doing website writing, don’t waste the golden opportunity of your About Us page. Use this information to “clinch the deal” and show that you can deliver promised results.

Suzi Elton provides business writing that attracts targeted prospects to your service business and converts them into clients for you. She is a Robert Middleton Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach, as well as a professional writer. Her website offers a free series of 8 assessments you can use to analyze your own site.

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