Ways to Create Extraordinary Business Cards

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There are plenty of ways to make your business card remarkable. What you simply need to have is the creativity and imagination to come up with out of the ordinary cards. Your competitions are likely trying to create their own unique and creative cards, so you have to make yours exceptionally impressive to capture attention easily.

A professional graphic designer can help you come up with your unique business card, but that would cost you extra. If you want to do the design yourself, here are unique ideas you can consider:

– Catchy images. Incorporate unique and out of this world images in your business card printing to give it a unique appeal. Make sure the image is relevant to your business so you can effectively communicate what your business does to your target audience effectively. Be sure to use high resolution images so they will look impressive in your card.

– Brighten it up with colors. A vibrant business card will make your cards look catchy. Be sure to pick the right colors to use in your card. It would help to understand the meaning behind each color first so you can effectively pick the best color to fit your card. If in doubt, you can always use the colors you used in your logo. This will help promote consistency and make your card complement your logo.

– Greeting card business card. You can create a business card designed as a mini greeting card. Fold it in half so you can have more space to write your contact details. The front can contain an image, perhaps your logo and the inside can contact your contact info. The back can be printed with additional info that will add value to your card. This can be a map, coupon, or freebie.

– Welcome your customers with a card shaped like a welcome mat. This will make your card look friendly and accommodating. The front can look like a real mat and the back can contain your contact details.

– You can also create cards shaped like household items especially if your business is about interior design or you sell household items. It can be a vacuum cleaner, knife, table, or just about anything that can be seen inside the house.

– Add something valuable in your cards. This can be your store hours, a map to your store, important tips and ideas, or coupons. These will surely encourage your customers to hold on to your card.

– Magnet cards. If you want people to put your card in a place where it will be seen regularly, create a magnetic card. This can be placed on the refrigerator door or in any metal surface.

– Use an envelope. You can put your card inside an envelope and put a bonus inside. It can be a seed if you are a landscape architect or chili pepper seasoning if you sell food seasonings.

These are surely creative ideas but you still have to make sure your card templates are designed well so you can achieve your end goal. Work with a professional and reliable printing company that will give you the best value for your money. It’s not really that hard to create remarkable business cards. With the right design and a creative concept, you can come up with an incomparable business card for your business.

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