Ways to Create Exceptional and Result-Oriented Business Cards

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There are plenty of ways to use your business card when marketing your business. You can use it to get new contacts, keep your existing customers updated with your new contact details, or introduce your business to potential customers. Of course, it’s important that you design your business card printing well so you can make them exceptional and result-oriented.

The back side:

With the front containing your contact details, the back side is free for any information you want to tell your target audience. The back side can be printed with a map, calendar, or coupon. It can also contain your store hours, emergency numbers, and the special days when you will be holding sales in your store. You can also print how-to, tips, recipes, and ideas which you think your customers would find useful. Printing these details at the back will surely increase the value of your card.

Valuable uses:

Among the valuable uses of business cards are the following:

– Survey cards. You can print a simple and short survey at the back which your customers have to answer before they can avail of your discount or freebie. The information you get can be used to measure the satisfaction of your customers or update your customer database.

– Partner with other businesses. You can use your cards to promote partner businesses while they do the same to you. It’s like referring your partner to your customers so they will refer their customers to you as well. Just make sure that you partner with related businesses that are not your direct competition.

– Bilingual cards. If you do business in other countries, it would be best to create a bilingual card. You can have one side printed in English and the other side in the language of the country you are doing business. This will help customers who don’t speak English understand your message and contact details.

– Reminder cards. You can use your cards to send reminders to customers when they are due to visit you. Put the date, time, and place of the appointment at the back of your business card templates so they will reminded of it.

Carry them anywhere:

You never know when and where you will meet a potential customer. It is important that you have your cards with you anywhere you go. Put them in your wallet, bag, pocket, jacket, and in your card. When you are running low in card, be sure to restock at once.


You can leave your cards at reception areas in offices, in your local libraries, and even in public bulletin boards. Anyone who sees the card and becomes interested in your business has to simply take your card.

Use business card holder:

To make sure your cards are kept in good condition, you need to invest in a durable and well designed card holder. This is where you will keep your cards and those that you receive from other people. There are different kinds of card holders out there such as leather and metal. Just be sure to design the card holder creatively so it will give you a good representation.

Networking possibilities:

If you have a website and email, put it in your card. This will help you generate customers who prefer online shopping. If you are a member of different social networking sites, you can also include the details in your card.

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