Ways To Avoid The A-Board Ban

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Advertising is about getting the word out about your product and your business. Shopkeepers find A-boards to be the best way to accomplish this on the street level. An A-board is a sign on four legs with two sides that are visible to oncoming traffic in two directions. The sign sits open to resemble the letter "A". These signs, when placed on the sidewalk, draw customers into the shops and cafes. Then county councils crackdown on unlicenced, A-boards, they took away an important means of advertising. However, there is a way to get around an advertising board ban and keep your street-level advertising going.

Place the sign in the entrance to the store.

Shops with steps leading up to the door or places with deep entryways can use the space to keep their signs. Place the board on a step or in this entryway to keep the advertising and avoid the consequences of the county council’s new law. Customers can still be able to see the sign as they pass the shop. However, the sign will not impede traffic on the sidewalk.

Get a smaller board to fit in the shallow entryways. Smaller A-shaped signage that is slimmer that those you are accustomed to can fit in shallow entrances. Prop the new signage up so that the door to the shop can open enough to let customers in. Accompany the sign with colorful poster advertising on the door of the shop to help draw the eye as the customer passes by on the sidewalk.

Try promotional flags.

If these alternatives to the banned boards are not feasible, place your ads in the line of sight with promotional flags. Set them up using a holder that is bolted to the side of the building, near the entrance to your business. Use vinyl or another material that can be used with dry erase markers or temporary paints. Make out simple message that can be read even on windy days. Hang the flags so that the customers can see them without running into them. The key to any type of street-level advertising is keeping the sidewalks unobstructed. That was the reasoning behind the original county council ban.

Place an A-board sign on a person.

Have them walk up and down the sidewalks to capture that attention of pedestrians. The sign-wearing person can move about the sign to avoid obstructing the sidewalk. In this way, the sign is never impeding traffic. In fact, it can move with the flow of traffic. This gets around the new county ordinances and save your business from paying unnecessary fines. Give the sign-wearer menus, coupons or discount listings to hand out to the passersby. He can even try singing or performing in some way. Anything to get the attention of pedestrians walking by.

The ban on pavement signs could not have been made at such a wrong economic time for business and their display boards.

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