Ways That Postcards Can Be More Like Social Networking Sites

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Postcards are generally not the first thing business owners think of when they need to market quality products to their customers. Especially in today’s digital age where social networks are king, certain print products, like custom postcards, are looking less exciting. But why not try to connect with your community the same way that Facebook and Twitter do, except without the instantaneous effect? In fact, you could couple your printed postcards in tandem with your favorite network to provide consistent updates of your store’s happenings.

Postcards can serve as a timely reminder for people already on tight schedules. Most business professionals like to plan their weeks out in advance, which means your custom postcards can be the perfect addition to their weekly planner. Tell them about an upcoming car show on your property, a liquidating sales event or something else time-sensitive that they will have to respond to quickly in order to be “the early bird that gets the worm.”

Your postcards order could also serve as an updating tool, especially when your company has big plans in its immediate future. Perhaps you’re switching to a new location, one that will provide your area market with much more opportunity to tap into your worthwhile resources. Ordering postcards is like putting forth a few thousand status updates – your loyal customers (a.k.a. “friends”) will always be in the know and, if your offer is good enough, they’ll jump on it in real time.

By mailing out a ton of postcards, you literally build your own network before your very eyes. Some will accept your request to do business while others will at least know about your services for any future needs they might have. Postcards can be instrumental in gathering a lot of people with the same interests, or pinpointing the ones that need variable services.

Let’s say you wish to mail your custom postcards only to your most loyal customers. You could involve a nice incentive such as a coupon or other money-saving offer to just a select group of people that others simply won’t be privy to. Postcards have the ability to carry with them a sense of urgency and exclusivity, the same type of high-speed interaction that is created with the social networks. And if you can tap into what makes people tick on the internet (as well as with your postcards in real life), you’ll be able harness those trends and be successful in all your efforts.

Custom postcards can be much like social networks. Get your postcard printing that follows current trends today from an online printer and look like a trending topic on a social media site with your custom postcards.

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