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High quality pens like Waterman Engraved Pens are very appropriate as corporate gifts for company executives and business partners. Engraving the surface of the pen with your company name and logo makes it special and a helpful marketing tool to expose your company while it is being used by professionals in their everyday business transactions.

With Waterman pens, you can surely find what you are looking for in a pen. Here are some distinct characteristics of these pens.

  • The nibs are made of rhodium-plated solid gold with leak-tight joint so that you do not have to worry about ink leaking into the hand.
  • The nib allows you to write smoothly and continuously on paper. It is indeed perfect and impressive for writing.

Water Collection for Unique Corporate Gifts

If you want to use Waterman Engraved Pens as corporate gifts, you have to make them more special so that your recipients will treasure and cherish them forever. The Waterman collection features unique characteristics to match your needs. Here are some of the collection of Waterman pens that you can give as corporate gifts.

  • Edson. Named after its founder Lewis Edson Waterman, this pen is made from luxury 18-24 carat gold.
  • 100 Etoile. This is made especially for the 100th anniversary of the company.
  • Audace. First impressions will really last with this visual striker.
  • Charleston. This will be loved by people who have a thing for retro.
  • Carene. This has a stylish with fine shining finish that clients will love
  • Elegance. A sense of strong will and power is felt with this pen.
  • Exception. Formal yet daring. Truly an exceptional Waterman pen.
  • Expert. Embedded with fine style, its double rings and class black finish is a shout out for cleverness.
  • Harmonie. Made with a sophisticated theme, this pen is suited for those who appreciate elegance most.
  • Hemisphere. This pen best reflects craftsmanship and stylishness. Make it one of your Waterman Engraved Pens for your corporate gifts.
  • Ici Et la. Another favourite pen.
  • Perspective. A pen that compliments modernisation, the Perspective is based from architectural designs.
  • Serenite. This pen has multi-culture aura that makes it popular among fans.
  • Phileas. Ideal for those who love timeless memories.

In order to show your clients how much you value their patronage, the corporate gifts that contain Waterman pens will be more than enough. What makes these pens great gifts is the fact that they serve a purpose for both you and your clients. You use the pens for promoting your business and the clients use the pens every day for writing.

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